Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hawaii mob boss Michael Miske's associate busted

Lindsey Kinney, an associate of crime boss Michael Miske pleaded not guilty to making threats to injure over social media. He's charged with threatening to cut off the heads of three people on Instagram, including a Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources employee.

Most recently Miske was fingered for owning a company that bought hundreds of cars at a wholesale dealers-only auction over years, allegedly using threats and intimidation to discourage rival bidders to buy cars at rock-bottom prices. The company, Hawaii Partners LLC, was licensed as a used car dealer. Cops used the term “Miske Enterprise” for the ring controlled and directed by Miske from the late 1990s until his indictment and arrest in July 2020.
Miske and a dozen co-defendants have been charged with a huge range of federal crimes, including participating in a racketeering conspiracy, murder-for-hire, kidnapping, assault, armed robbery, weapons offenses, drug trafficking and bank fraud.

In April it was said it would be another year before Miske goes to trial. 6 of his co-accused have turned rat.

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