Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Jongwon Ham - RCMP killer - update

Jongwon Ham
The man accused of fatally stabbing Burnaby RCMP Const. Shaelyn Yang is an award winning filmmaker. Jongwon Ham is charged with first-degree murder.
Cst. Yang accompanied a Burnaby worker to Ham's tent in a local park. They had an 'Eviction Notice' to serve on Ham, who had been living in the park for some months and had been evicted once. It is Burnaby's policy to expend resources to harrass the homeless so that they 'move along'. Had this approach to the mentally ill NOT been in effect Cst Shaelyn Yang might be alive today. The enforcement of tents in Burnaby, instead of crime, reaps what it sows. Burnaby administrators have blood on their hands.

2,000 RCMP gathered as Yang was laid to rest, along with municipal police, paramedics, firefighters and Canadian Armed Forces.