Monday, October 31, 2022

Marco Willians Herbas Camacho - Marcola

The most dangerous prisoner in Brazil, Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, aka Marcola, leader of the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC), declared his support for presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. (Brazil's Trump) Lula won with 50.9% of the vote.
Marco Willians Herbas Camacho, 'Marcola', is a Brazilian drug lord and leader of the PCC. It is Brazil's largest criminal organization. Under the leadership of Marcola, gangsters are forced to pay a monthly tax and even have a code of discipline known as the 'Devil's Code'. The Port of Santos is located in the state where the PCC originated and has its largest numbers. The PCC, led by Marcola, are a transnational player in the cocaine trade with strong links to the ‘Ndrangheta and Balkan gangsters.
3 shipments of cocaine were caught on the same day as they were about to go to France, Spain and Ghana. All originated from the Brazilian port of Santos. In the morning, 562 kg of cocaine was discovered in a cargo of coffee heading to Le Havre, France. Hours later, a shipment of sugar heading to Ghana was seized with half a ton of cocaine. A container carrying orange juice and bound for Valencia, Spain, was found to contain 730 kg of cocaine. The week before cocaine was found in a shipment of plaster bound for Australia and in sugar packets heading to South Africa. So much cocaine goes out of the port that some even finds its way back. 459 kg was found inside an empty container returning from Philadelphia.
In 2022 Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world’s largest container line, suspended intermodal operations in Brazil. Geneva-based MSC said that criminals were intercepting containers in an attempt to ship drugs overseas. As a result, MSC has decided to indefinitely suspend the packing and pre-stacking operations of road, rail and barge boxes exported across Brazil. The company learned it's lesson after the record breaking 2019 drug bust aboard its ship, the MSC Gayane. MSC detailed the extent of the consequences in a court document, they included over $100m in additional security costs.
The ship was seized by US customs in June 2019 after authorities found nearly 18 tons of cocaine with an estimated street value of $1.3b on the vessel. The 39,500 pounds, or 17.9 metric tons of cocaine is about the same weight as three African bull elephants.
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