Thursday, October 27, 2022

Ukraine soldiers execute Russian PoWs - "Glory to Ukraine" - NAFO

Celebrated in US media for its anti-Russian trolling, the Twitter operation known as NAFO was founded by Polish antisemite Kamil Dyszewski to raise funds for the Georgian Legion. Retired US marine Matthew Moores co-created NAFO.
NAFO is praised by western media. It uses “vatnik” as a pejorative for anyone critical of them. Moores said he chose the Georgian Legion as a funding recipient because of it’s reputation as “mercenaries and criminals.”
Moores praised Georgian Legion’s leader, Mamuka Mamulashvili, for “killing Russians since the ’90s.”
Ukraine says it does not tolerate abuse of Russian PoWs and that they treat prisoners humanely. This is not true. The treatment of PoWs has become another weapon being fought on both sides. Gruesome video of Russians being executed was confirmed as genuine by the NY Times.

Near the Russian soldiers is a BMD-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The Ukrainian soldiers wear blue armbands in the video and shout, “Glory to Ukraine.” A Ukrainian news agency claims the ambush was conducted by the Georgian Legion, a group of Georgian volunteers. Mamuka Mamulashvili is the commander of the Georgian Legion. In one video, three Russian soldiers are unloaded from a truck and then shot in their legs. A recent statement from Ukraine’s Special Operations Command said that Russian artillery would no longer be captured and shown mercy, but that anyone contributing to the bombing of civilians would be “slaughtered like a pig.
According to a Danish volunteer with the Ukrainian army, Russian PoWs are being executed. The sniper spoke with Denmark state broadcaster TV2, saying that while he has killed Russians, they have only been in combat, whereas Ukrainians are systematically executing soldiers who have been captured.

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