Monday, October 17, 2022

Ukrainian army approaches city of Kherson - update VIII

Russia is sending more troops into the key southern city of Kherson and may be preparing to defend it, Ukraine's spy chief said. Ukraine had previously suggested, yesterday, some Russian units might be leaving. "They are not preparing to exit now," he said.

If this is so the stated goal of liberation of Kherson City by Christmas may not come to pass.

 Kyrylo Budanov
Thousands of civilians and Russian officials are being moved out of Ukraine's southern Kherson region ahead of a Ukrainian offensive says the BBC. All Russian installed departments and ministries will flee across the Dnieper river. Serhiy Khlan, an aide to the ousted head of the Kherson region, suggested the "theatre" could be acting as cover for a complete military evacuation from the west bank of the river. "I foresee the withdrawal of troops," he said, adding that he expected Russian forces to attempt to destroy the city after leaving. Here.
Kherson is removing residents from the right bank of the Dnieper ahead of a Ukrainian advance. New Russian commander Sergei Surovikin’s speech revealed that "The Ukrainian side is building up forces for a large-scale offensive." Signs are pointing to a Russian withdrawal from Kherson City, and a major Ukrainian victory.
"The situation in the area of the 'special military operation' can be described as tense," he said.

Today Kyiv said it had retaken five settlements in Kherson.
Russia announced it will evacuate residents from Kherson, a region it illegally annexed. Regional governor Vladimir Saldo called for locals to evacuate — the surest sign that Ukrainians are advancing in the region.

Vladimir Saldo
Russian news quoted Kherson official Kirill Stremousov as saying that Russians were "conducting a regrouping in order to gather their strength and deliver a retaliatory blow."
Stremousov fled to the Russian city of Voronezh.
An explosion Saturday caused the partial collapse of a bridge linking the Crimean Peninsula with Russia, damaging a key supply route. Russian authorities said a truck bomb caused the blast. Some suggest a missile strike, others say a boat was used.
"The Russian military position is not just precarious, but visibly deteriorating," said one expert. Ukrainian troops have captured at least 440 Russian tanks and 650 armored vehicles, according to UK's defense ministry. It added that captured vehicles may account for over half of Ukraine's deployed tank force.

Russians in Kherson City will soon be penned in, with their supply lines severed.