Saturday, November 19, 2022

Emmanuel Roy-Puthyra wanted

10 were pinned in Montreal, Laval, Mirabel, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Two were arrested in prison, where they were behind bars for other offenses. Head of the network, Emmanuel Puthyra Roy, 35, is on the run. Cops carried out numerous searches which led to the seizure of eight firearms including an AR-15 type assault rifle, 170k opioid pills, tens of kilograms of cocaine and crystal meth worth $3.4m and $1.3m in cash. Gangsters went to Toronto "every week with bags of money" to buy weapons and drugs, which were sold on the streets of Montreal.
Roy-Puthyra is well known to police. He has a history of drug trafficking, fraud and obstruction. He is close to members of the reds allegiance, in particular Zone 43 in Montreal North. The group was made up of youth who grew up together in Montreal and became intrenched in the world of street gangs.