Saturday, January 14, 2023

HA linked Cornwall biker whacked by Bandidos - update II

Benjamin Parry
A group of bikers killed David Crawford, 59, by smashing into the back of his bike and dragging his body for nearly a mile. Benjamin Parry, 42, Thomas Pawley, 32, and Chad Brading, 36, were all convicted of manslaughter by a jury. Crawford had been wearing his colors on a 'rival patch' at the time of the incident, which is considered 'bad form'. Crawford told the jury: 'I had a rush of blood to the head and decided to knock him off into the verge. I lost all me common sense.' He goes to jail for 12 years.
Thomas Pawley - 4 years

Chad Brading - 4 years
Moment Benjamin Parry, 42, felt the body of David Crawford finally dislodge from under his van after dragging it along the A38. CCTV video captured and identified the men. The jury had already seen Crawford as he was followed. All 3 bikers pleaded not guilty.
David 'Mad Dog' Crawford, 59, belonged to the Cornwall branch of the Red Chiefs Motorcycle Club, an HA affiliated farm club. Bandidos Benjamin Parry, Thomas Pawley and Chad Brading are charged in the murder of Crawford, who was mowed down and dragged hundreds of metres along the A38 on May 12.
Chad Brading was the president of the Plymouth Bandidos MC. Parry, 42, drove the van. They worked together to carry out their targeted attack on Crawford.