Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Killer Reu-Waters buys 17 years - same time body was in freezer

Reu-Waters sometimes bragged, sometimes threatened and sometimes made alcohol fueled confessions about strangling Pereira in a Guelph storage unit and hiding his body in a freezer. It was only after Reu-Waters’ girlfriend went to cops that he was busted.
Ashley Pereira’s body was in a freezer while his family held out hope he was still alive for 17 years. Pereira’s killer, Chad Reu-Waters, 48, will serve the same amount of time before he can apply for parole. Pereira, 33, vanished in 2002. His body was found in a discarded freezer in May 2019. The freezer's grisly contents were discovered by a hiker. The head of the body was wrapped in duct tape and there was still a cord around his neck. Reu-Waters was a car thief, hard drug user and a drunk who touted his connections to the Hells Angels.