Friday, November 4, 2022

Lexi Sanchez Gallo live streams Kamloops arrest

Cops expect criminal charges will be recommended after a woman assaulted a cop while being arrested in a Kamloops car dealership — an incident streamed live on social media. The woman, who posted on TikTok under the handle @lexsanchezgallo, (profile has been axed) was live-streaming on the platform after refusing to leave the dealership. When police showed up and told her she was under arrest, she disagreed. She tagged Kamloops Ford Lincoln in a viral post earlier this week, claiming to have been denied service while trying to purchase a truck.
Among her many false public claims of abuse from the dealership is misogyny. They have been advised to remain silent despite the viral, and false, accusations. It appears this woman had a grand scheme to gain attention. Sadly taxpayers (and a Kamloops car dealership) pays for it.
Our little girl in bad need of growing up is Lexi Sanchez Gallo. We believe this woman needs mental help. Gallo defines and validates herself entirely through TikTok. That is her (false) reality and nothing else matters.