Saturday, December 31, 2022

Cops warn public to stay away from Surrey chitbags

Karnvir Garcha, Harkirat JhuttySurrey RCMP and the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit issued the unusual warning due to “a significant threat to the public posed by these individuals through their connection to criminal activity and high levels of violence. Police believe that anyone connected to or in proximity to them may be putting themselves at risk.”

Stay the hell away from Karnvir Garcha, 24, and Harkirat Jhutty, 22. Cops are warning any family members, friends, associates and the public to avoid any interaction with the two thugs. Cops are asking the public to report any information about the reprobates in order to toss them in jail.

Friday, December 30, 2022

UK man who snorted coke off Pablo Escobar grave goes away for trafficking

British tourist Steven Semmens, 39, was filmed kneeling by and spilling white powder on the grave stone of the notorious cartel boss. Semmens has now been jailed for 13 years and six months, alongside his cohorts, after he was busted in an international drug smuggling ring attempting to bring drugs into South Wales over the pandemic. The cocaine conspirators were sentenced to a total of more than 52 years in jail for peddling the Class A drug. Semmens said his stunt resulted in scores of death threats, causing him to shave his head.
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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Cesar Emilio Peralta - David Ortiz

Cesar Emilio Peralta
International drug trafficker César Emilio Peralta, 48, has pled guilty to drug trafficking in U.S. federal court and will be sentenced in May. Peralta, known as 'César the Abuser' was accused of ordering the shooting of David Ortiz in a Dominican nightclub. The drug kingpin was never formally charged with the Ortiz shooting. Ten men connected to the shooting of David Ortiz received sentences ranging from five to 30 years. They were handed down by a court in the Dominican Republic. Ortiz was shot in the back at a bar in 2019. News reports speculated that the hit was ordered by Peralta over a love triangle involving Dominican model Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia.

Cops described the shooting as an organized mob hit on Ortiz, who was shot in the lower back at point blank range as he sat with friends.
When David “Big Papi” Ortiz began his major-league baseball career in 1992 he bought his family a new home with his $10k signing bonus. The two-story brick and stucco house is still owned by Ortiz on the outskirts of the Dominican capital where he grew up.

Dominican prosecutors had claimed that Peralta often leaned on MLB stars in order to launder cash from the proceeds of his cocaine empire.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Funeral home owner buys 20 years - sold body parts

Megan Hess
Funeral Home owner Megan Hess, 46, pleaded guilty to fraud in July. She operated a funeral home, Sunset Mesa, and a body parts entity, Donor Services, from the same building in Montrose, Colorado. Her 20 year stretch was the maximum allowed under law. Her mother, Shirley Koch, 69 also pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 15 years. Her central role was chopping up the bodies. The judge ordered that Hess and Koch be sent to prison immediately.
Hess' lawyer said she has been unfairly vilified as a "witch," a "monster" and a "ghoul," when instead she is actually a "broken human being".

Shirley Koch
26 victims described their horror at discovering what had happened to their loved ones. "Our sweet mother, they dismembered her," Erin Smith said, selling her shoulders, knees and feet for profit. "We don't even have a name for a crime this heinous." Tina Shanon, whose mother was dismembered said "I'll never be OK." Selling body parts such as heads, arms and spines – which is what Hess did – for use in research or education is not regulated by federal law.
Crimes came when the disugusting duo defrauded relatives of the deceased by lying and selling parts without permission.

Mongrel Mob boss Daniel Eliu whacked - update

About 150 Mongrel Mob members and family attended.
There were “no significant issues” at the funeral of Mongrel Mob boss Daniel Eliu. Cops have yet to make an arrest, 11 days on.
Daniel Eliu, 46, was shot dead outside the Papatoetoe Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Cops say the Mongrel Mob boss was “deliberately targeted”. Eliu lead the Mongrel Mob’s Auckland ‘Notorious’ chapter for 4 years.

The alleged killer was subsequently spotted in CCTV footage in the church service Eliu was attending. No arrests have been made.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Jamaica reels in 2,000 pounds of cocaine

Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) seized approximately 2,000 pounds of cocaine from a go fast boat. Three people aboard the vessel were arrested.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Drug dealers in Peru get visit from Santa Police

A gang of drug dealers in Peru got a nasty surprise when Santa and a merry band of elves broke down their door, cuffed them and seized their goods. Agents disguised as from the North Pole, complete with helpers, entered the unsafe neighborhood of Surquillo in Lima and made the busts.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Jordan seizes 1 ton of captagon

Jordan has seized a tonne of amphetamine pills being smuggled in date paste at the border with Iraq. A total of six million pills of the drug known as Captagon were found inside two refrigerated trucks. It was one of the largest haul ever intercepted. Captagon, dubbed "the poor man's cocaine", is produced in huge quantities in Syria, which is now a narco-state. Syrian captagon trade is now worth far more than any legal exports. Skirmishes between the Jordanian military and drug traffickers are more frequent. Jordan soldiers have a shoot-to-kill policy.

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Friday, December 23, 2022

TrigglyPuff (Cora Segal) revisited

A girlfriend of the permanent student known to the internet as “Trigglypuff” filed complaints against the journalist who posted video of her friend misbehaving at an April 25, 2016 event at the University of Massachusetts. The woman in the video, revealed to be Hampshire College 'student' Cora Segal, became the center of widespread criticism for her childlike behavior.
Cora Segal didn't actually attend Hampshire College. She attended for one semester and then became a squatter on campus teaching seminars about 'Health and Fat Oppression.'
We can report Trigglypuff now attends University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"Cora is a first year MA student in Gender & Women’s Studies. Her work examines how state and capitalist violence such as borders, policing, prisons, and colonial occupation create what is considered a normative bodymind." Here.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Tse Chi Lop - Asia’s El Chapo arrives in Australia

The boss of Asia’s biggest crime syndicate and one of the world’s most wanted men has been extradited to Australia.

The UN estimates Sam Gor’s annual revenue at $21 billion.
Newspapers describe Tse Chi Lop, 59, as Asia’s El Chapo. That isn't a fair comparison, he's far bigger than that. Tse Chi Lop is a Chinese-born Canadian and the leader of a multi-billion dollar drug syndicate, The Company. Tse is billed as the biggest drug importer to be nabbed in two decades. He was arrested in Amsterdam in January 2021. Tse ran a drug syndicate known as 'Sam Gor,' Cantonese for 'Third Brother'
The crime group employs top chemists who manufacture illegal synthetic drugs like fentanyl, meth, ecstasy and ketamine around the world. Tse Chi Lop was born in Guangzhou in 1963 and immigrated in 1988 to Toronto, where he was part of the Big Circle Boys. Toronto taught Tse his business. The seeds for what would become the world’s largest drug empire were planted during his days surviving the heroin glut in the late ’80s and early ’90s. He was jailed in the U.S. from 1997 to 2006 for heroin trafficking after being arrested with senior members of the Rizzuto family, including Emanuel Raguso. By 2011, Tse and his family had left Toronto and moved to Hong Kong.
Around this time he teamed up with Chung Chak “John” Lee to form the meth syndicate that would become Sam Gor. Their innovation was guaranteed delivery. If a dealer paid for the drugs, he’d receive them. If they were seized, Sam Gor would replace them at no cost. Guaranteed delivery was possible because production costs were negligible. This was the idea on which Tse built an empire. Synthetic drugs are cheap to produce. It takes thousands of farmers to generate a tonne of heroin. It takes few workers in a lab to make a tonne of meth.

Chung Chak “John” Lee
The materials to make meth, pseudoephedrine, anhydrous ammonia and red phosphorus, are cheap, less than $1,000 a tonne in some cases, and widely available in Asia. A kilo of meth would cost dealers in Myanmar $4k. It would then sell for $200k in the streets of Australia. By the late 2010s, Sam Gor accounted for 70% of Australian meth. Australians spent $8.5b on 11.5 tonnes of meth, two-thirds of it cooked in the Golden Triangle. Sam Gor controlled between 40% and 70% of the $90b Asian market, dominating the trade in the Philippines, South Korea and Japan. In 2019, after a huge bust, Australian cops posted an international warrant for Tse’s arrest with Interpol. Tse got on a flight back to Canada, but a stopover in Amsterdam sunk him. The moment he stepped off the plane at Schiphol airport, he was arrested.

RCMP seize 37 firearms from Coquitlam business - update

The singular business in the metal trade at 1300-block Ketch Court in Coquitlam is something called UBS Industries. A search on that phone number (604) 540-4440 returns Ken Woodward.
37 firearms and over 100k rounds of ammunition were seized from a Coquitlam business in a firearms trafficking investigation. An unnamed man, 45, was arrested Dec. 1 after police executed a search warrant in the 1300-block Ketch Court.
Cops seized 37 firearms including two 3D-printed Glock ghost guns, 26 carbine/assault-style rifles, six hunting rifles, two shotguns, and one pistol. Said noname has been released pending further investigation.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Dutch Schultz

Dutch Schultz (Arthur Flegenheimer) was a New York City Jewish gangster who made his fortune in organized crime-related activities such as bootlegging, loan sharking and the numbers racket.

Along with other rackets, Schultz began extorting New York restaurant owners and workers. Those gangsters who skimmed the take did not last long. "Dutch Schultz was ugly; he had been drinking and suddenly he had his gun out. "Schultz wore his pistol under his vest, tucked inside his pants, right against his belly.
One jerk at his vest and he had it in his hand. All in the same quick motion he swung it up, stuck it in Jules Martin's mouth and pulled the trigger. It was as simple and undramatic as that—just one quick motion of the hand. Dutch Schultz did that murder just as casually as if he were picking his teeth.” When Davis later read a newspaper story about Martin's murder, he found out the body was found in a snow bank with a dozen stab wounds to the chest. When Davis asked Schultz about this, the boss dead-panned, "I cut his heart out."

At the time of the Martin killing, Schultz was fighting a tax evasion case: U.S. Attorney Thomas Dewey had set his sights on Schultz.
Schultz was convicted of the charges, but they were soon overturned.

Dutch Schultz at the courthouse in 1935.
Schultz went before the Mafia Commission and asked permission to kill Dewey. All were against it because the full weight of the law would come down on them. Schultz was furious at the outcome of the vote; he accused the Commission of trying to steal his rackets and "feed him to the law." After Schultz left in a seething rage, the Commission decided to kill him. Albert Anastasia sent Jewish mobster Louis Buchalter.
Bonanno boss Joseph Bonanno thought the idea was "insane."
At 10:15 p.m. on October 23, 1935, Schultz was shot multiple times at the Palace Chophouse at 12 East Park Street in Newark, New Jersey. Doctors performed surgery but were unaware of the extent of damage done to his abdominal organs by a ricocheting bullet.

They were also unaware that the gunmen had intentionally used rust-coated bullets in an attempt to give Schultz a fatal bloodstream infection (septicemia) should he survive the gunshot. Schultz lingered for 22 hours before dying of peritonitis. Two bodyguards and Schultz's accountant were also killed.

Cops recorded the gangster's rambling last words as he died of peritonitis caused by a rust-coated bullet.
"Oh, mamma, mamma, please don't tear; don't rip..."
"Mother is the best bet and don't let Satan draw you too fast."
"I will be checked and double-checked and please pull for me."
"I can't come; express office was closed."
"Please crack down on the Chinaman's friends and Hitler's commander."
"These native children make this and sell you the joint."
"You can play jacks, and girls do that with a soft ball and do tricks with it."

"Who shot me? No one."
Bernard 'Lulu' Rosenkrantz was Schultz's chauffeur and bodyguard. He was shot at the Palace Chophouse moments after Schultz was shot. He died two days later in hospital. He produced a map before dying. Though estimated to be worth over $7m ($140m in 2020 dollars) when he died, no trace of Dutch Schultz's wealth was found. Its thought Schultz hid his treasure in a buried safe somewhere in the Catskill Mountain range. The story says he stashed away his fortune somewhere around Phoenicia, New York. When Schultz was gunned down in 1935, the location of his loot died with him.