Saturday, December 24, 2022

3D-printed ghost guns

Cops raided a rural home in Manitoba in Dec 2021 and busted Ryan Buhler, 34. Its 3 years in the pen for his arsenal, the mandatory minimum. Border cops found undeclared 'firearm components,' including metal parts and inserts used to reinforce the plastic frame of 3D-printed guns. Weeks ago Winnipeg cops seized 3D-printed gun parts.
Making 3D-printed receiver blanks and creating 3D-printed ghost guns is illegal in Canada. Why are they multiplying? The cost to 3D print a firearm frame and then import the slide and other components from the US is a few hundred dollars. This returns a weapon worth at least $2500 on the street, and often much more. Ghost guns cannot be traced, making them highly desirable by gangsters.

In Feb 2022 William Rainville was put away for 5 years. He was busted with 249 Glock frames and parts. His is not the only ghost gun operation.

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