Saturday, October 14, 2023

41 charges in Hells Angels bust on Vancouver Island - update VII

HA Sean Douglas Kendall, 45, plead guilty to three counts of trafficking cocaine and one of illegally selling pot. He goes away for 3 years. The other three bikers busted, William Bradley Thompson, Kristopher Stephen Smith and William Karl Paulsen, are still before the court.
HA Kristopher Stephen Smith, 44, turned himself in to cops. He was wanted on three drug offences and three weapons offences. HA Sean Oliver Douglas Kendall, 44, turned himself in on seven charges related to drug trafficking. 41 charges resulted from a 4 year drug trafficking investigation of the Hells Angels on Vancouver Island. Cops targeted Hells Angels in Nanaimo and their support clubs – the Savages and the Devils Army. HA William Karl Paulsen of Campbell River was reeled in and released.
Paulsen, 51, is facing sixteen drug charges (1 meth, 15 cocaine) and one count of unlawfully possessing explosives.
Unlawful Possession of Explosives [CC 82(1)] Here.
Cops seized six tubes of Senatel Magnafrac, an explosive used in mining. Senatel Magnafrac is an emulsion packed, robust explosive sensitive to a detonator. The explosive is orange in color with a firm, putty-like consistency. Explosives in Canada fall under the Explosives Act R.S.C., 1985, c. E-17 Here.

Also seized were 22 weapons, including an Uzi.
Cops seized 7.75kg of cocaine, 4kg of pot, 1.9kg of meth and 248 oxycodone pills. An unknown amount of cash was taken in.