Friday, December 16, 2022

Curtis 'Cocky' Warren freed

Drug lord Curtis 'Cocky' Warren, 59, was released from Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire after serving 14 years. Known as Britain's Pablo Escobar, his path was to become synonymous with Escobar - a man who was head of the Medellin Cartel and known as the 'King of Cocaine'. In the late 1980s Warren teamed up with Brian Charrington and headed to Venezuela. The men arranged to import cocaine sealed inside lead ingots, making it difficult for the authorities to detect by X-ray. Curtis Warren rose to become one of the UK's richest men thanks to his drug importation empire.
Warren cut out middle men and dealt with South American cartels direct.
Stephanie Smithwhite, 40, was an officer at HMP Frankland where 'Cocky' was serving time. Smithwhite denied cutting a hole in the pants of her uniform for sexual purposes, but the judge said it was hard to imagine why else it was there. She was handed a sentence of two years.
'Cocky' Warren ran his criminal enterprises from behind bars using mobile phones, but Smithwhite didn't report him. Investigators found they had called each other 213 times in three months.