Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Greg Paul Carr slags, threatens HA Jaimie Yochlowitz again

Gregory Paul Carr of Newton has reinvigorated his hard-on campaign against HA 'Jewsifer'. Carr is even trolling Yochlowitz on his facebook. Here.
Greg Paul Carr, 58, has issued another series of vile insults and threats to the Surrey HAMC Hardside chapter and full patch Jaimie Yochlowitz. "Surrey H.A. members and their companions they are the sort of ppl who masturbate to porn of ppl having sex with animals." "Make the world a better place spit on Surrey H.A. members". In regards to Jaimie Yochlowitz specifically, Greg Paul Carr says ... "What a fucking mook!" Carr mocks Yochlowitz for, among many other things, owning a therapy dog. https://groups.google.com/g/bc.general/c/iml1NL-OvpM Jaimie 'Jewsifer' Yochlowitz
Surrey resident Greg Paul Carr slags the HAMC every day, and has for years. Mr. Greg Paul Carr feels the HAMC is filled with pussys, who will never 'do' anything about his 24/7/365 insults.

"Hey faggot contact Surrey RCMP just like the faggot Hell's Angels hey faggot with no wife or children my lawyer will destroy you whimpering whimpering pedophile ring. You are piece of merde."
Carr is most famous for wandering Newton alleys at 3:00am looking for knives and 'long black hose'. Gregory Paul Carr is a flaming homosexual transvestite, loves pink, and lives in South Newton, Surrey.

gregcarrsober@gmail.com, gregorycarritithetocharity@gmail.com, newton2022christian@gmail.com