Saturday, March 25, 2023

Greg Paul Carr slags, threatens HA Jaimie Yochlowitz - update

Most recently Greg Paul Carr is bragging about serious criminal charges. "I Face Two Charges June 23 2023. arrested for assault with a weapon 267(1)CC and uttering threats 264.1(1) CC" Carr was running around with a knife and was caught on video, the idiot.

Greg Carr's Youtube channel is something. Who makes, leaves, and then brags about evidence of their indictable offense? Only the lowest end of the autistic spectrum. Carr has a long record and could be going away again.
Greg Paul Carr, 57, has issued another series of vile insults and threats to the Surrey HAMC Hardside chapter and full patch Jaimie Yochlowitz. "Surrey H.A. members and their companions they are the sort of ppl who masturbate to porn of ppl having sex with animals." "Make the world a better place spit on Surrey H.A. members". In regards to Jaimie Yochlowitz specifically, Greg Paul Carr says ... "What a fucking mook!"

Carr mocks Yochlowitz for, among other things, owning a therapy dog.
Jaimie 'Jewsifer' Yochlowitz
Surrey resident Greg Paul Carr slags the HAMC every day, and has for years. Mr. Greg Paul Carr feels the HAMC is filled with homosexuals, who are too big of pussies to do anything about his 24/7/365 insults.

"Hey faggot contact Surrey RCMP just like the faggot Hell's Angels hey faggot with no wife or children my lawyer will destroy you whimpering whimpering pedophile ring. You are piece of merde."
"I have a 131 I.Q. and a college education been arrested 35 times, locked up a few times, and been homeless and now own a two bedroom apt. mortgage free and have the most expensive vehicle on the block a nice TFSA and own TSX and NYSE stocks donated $1,500 dollars to charities last month so I have lots of life experiences."

"I too have worked for convience store/gas stations and have the unique perspective of having robbed them to. Never caught."

Greg Paul Carr
"Call the RCMP again if you want contact abuse@gmail again if you want jerk off to your pictures of your daughter Shannon lots of rapists are thinking of her. Your welcome to my apt anytime bald one so I can kill you and I will make your slut daughter pay for the new carpet."

Greg Paul Carr's favourite colour is pink.

Greg Paul Carr lives in Newton, Surrey.,,