Thursday, December 15, 2022

Vick Mander - Trust Capital - update II

Pivot Airlines, a charter company based in Toronto, received an email sent by John Strudwick, the CFO of purported real estate investment firm Trust Capital. It was on the second charter trip in April when the Pivot Airlines crew discovered more than 210 kg of cocaine in the avionics bay of their plane. Multiple wire transfers showed that about $150k had been sent to Pivot through a numbered company in B.C. A corporate records search revealed that the director of that company was Edmonton resident Vick Mander.
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In Feb 2019 Vick Mander spoke of his cab driver father, Balwinder Mander, 54, who was assaulted. “That’s when the guy kind of woke up and said, ‘Why’d you bring me here?’ and started wailing shots”
Passenger Sheldon Gaspard Poirier was billed as an employee. He was linked to Mander and had a possession for the purpose of trafficking conviction in Alberta in 2020. W5 background checks on the remaining passengers from both flights chartered by Trust Capital found others with checkered pasts. Four of the 11 passengers from both flights had a history of being busted dealing drugs.
Pivot Airlines handed over all the information it had on Trust Capital to the RCMP. No charges have emerged thus far.
On the day that the flight was supposed to leave Punta Cana for Toronto, a manager at Signature Flight Support in Toronto contacted the Pivot Airlines’ CEO, asking him about the flight, saying the aircraft needed to go in for service the next day. Pivot Airlines found this strange. W5 video Here.