Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Funeral home owner buys 20 years - sold body parts

Megan Hess
Funeral Home owner Megan Hess, 46, pleaded guilty to fraud in July. She operated a funeral home, Sunset Mesa, and a body parts entity, Donor Services, from the same building in Montrose, Colorado. Her 20 year stretch was the maximum allowed under law. Her mother, Shirley Koch, 69 also pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 15 years. Her central role was chopping up the bodies. The judge ordered that Hess and Koch be sent to prison immediately.
Hess' lawyer said she has been unfairly vilified as a "witch," a "monster" and a "ghoul," when instead she is actually a "broken human being".

Shirley Koch
26 victims described their horror at discovering what had happened to their loved ones. "Our sweet mother, they dismembered her," Erin Smith said, selling her shoulders, knees and feet for profit. "We don't even have a name for a crime this heinous." Tina Shanon, whose mother was dismembered said "I'll never be OK." Selling body parts such as heads, arms and spines – which is what Hess did – for use in research or education is not regulated by federal law.
Crimes came when the disugusting duo defrauded relatives of the deceased by lying and selling parts without permission.