Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Vincent Barletta sues the basterds for $3.5m - Beef Baron

Beef Baron owner Vincent Barletta alleges the city has abused or improperly used its powers in a campaign that led to many fines and infractions against him and his club, according to a statement of claim filed in court. “The City of London has a history of bias and prejudicial treatment against the Beef Baron, Vincent Barletta, and the Barletta family generally,” The city targeted Barletta’s properties for minor and trivial alleged bylaw offences and was “improperly swayed by his association with non-parties,” the lawsuit alleges.
That might refer to notorious Hells Angel Robert Barletta, his brother and the founder of the London Hells Angels chapter.
Multiple houses linked to biker Robert Barletta have been destroyed by fire since 2018. Vincent Barletta is the “controlling mind” of seven skid properties in London, including vacant houses on Adelaide Street. He has big plans. The properties catch fire regularly. The Beef Baron has been torched 3 times over the past few years.
The Beef Baron was recently repainted and the strip club’s signs removed as part of an apparent rebrand.
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