Thursday, February 16, 2023

B.C. can seize three Hells Angels clubhouses; court

837 Ellis Street, Kelowna
After a decade of legal wrangling B.C. can seize three HAMC clubhouses. In 2020, Justice Davies ruled that there was insufficient evidence that crimes committed by members were done at the direction or for the benefit of the Hells Angels, and were not facilitated by the clubhouses.3598 E. Georgia Street, Vancouver.

805 Victoria Rd, Nanaimo
He struck down a section of the Civil Forfeiture Act. The Director of Civil Forfeiture appealed the decision. Three supreme court judges decided that the clubhouses have and will continue to enhance a member’s ability to commit crime. The appeal was granted and the land titles for the Nanaimo, Vancouver and Kelowna clubhouses will be handed over to the province.

Last year HA lawyers swore an affidavit that their legal bills and disbursements exceeded $3.3m. B.C. Hells Angels Rick Ciarniello and Damiano Dipopolo took the stand for the club.
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