Saturday, February 25, 2023

Faiz Rehman a 'charity worker' drug kingpin = 15 years

Liverpool's Faiz Rehman, 37 was busted through Encrochat. Encrochat was cracked by Dutch and French cops on June 13, 2020. Between March and June 2020, Rehman supplied 55kg of cocaine - 5kg per week - with a wholesale price of £39,000 per kg, 50kg of heroin and 295kg of cannabis. Total value of the drugs was £4,227,000. In other messages, Rehman bragged about being able to sell 40kg to 50kg of heroin a month. Despite having no income Rehman led a luxurious lifestyle with designer clothes, cars and high end watches. In 2010 he was busted with his brother for weapons. A Mac 10 sub machine gun, a sawn-off shotgun, and ‘dumdum’ bullets were seized.
Faiz Rehman, then 25, bought 8 years in jail.