Sunday, February 26, 2023

Half dozen bikers busted in 'Project Coyote' - update

The busted include 3 HA and 3 Red Devils. Weapons seized included: One Glock P80 3D printed handgun, one Ruger 357 (stolen) handgun, one Taurus 9mm handgun, one Sig Sauer 380-calibre prohibited handgun, one SCCY CPX-2 9mm restricted handgun, three prohibited sawed-off shotguns, two stun guns, and live ammunition.

Adamo Brunino, 25, of Woodbridge, is charged with possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000 and firearms trafficking.
Project Coyote has led to the arrest of 26 people and the seizure of drugs, guns, ammunition, jewellery and cash. 13 are from the Trenton, Belleville and Cobourg areas and include members of the Hells Angels and Red Devils. More than a kilogram of fentanyl, 6 kg of meth, and 16 kilos of cocaine were seized, as well as more than $370k in Canadian currency. Ten vehicles, jewellery worth $150k and Hells Angels gear was also seized. HA Jesse Thibert, 43, is with the Windsor chapter.
Busted in Belleville are Jean Francois Labonte, 43, Nicole Whitman, 38, Mark Stewart, 43, Steven Dickson, 35, Mark Dunn, 52, Michael Renzi, 41, Justin Whitford, 24, Ryan Higgins-Michaud, 27.
Busted in Trenton are Nicholas Runnalls, 43, Gary Bunton, 36, and Alexander Veronez, 19. Dylan Kearley, 28, was busted in Cobourg.
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