Friday, February 10, 2023

John Michael Aronson caught napping - Johnny Blaze

John Michael Aronson is caged without bail.
Notorious Kelowna criminal John Michael Aronson, 35, took off from a Surrey recovery home. He was rearrested while taking a nap. Cops responded to a man passed out in a vehicle and recognized him immediately. Aronson was most recently arrested on charges of robbery and firearms. His criminal record stretches on long before those charges, with many of those incidents being high-profile and high-risk. He gained attention in 2018 after he was shot during an arrest at Orchard Park Mall. “Almost dying was an eye-opener for me,” Aronson said in court Sept. 23, 2019. "You won't see me here again'.
Later the same day he raced down Highway 97. Cops eventually busted him after he crashed his car, shutting down the road for hours. He suffered a fractured skull and broke his arm, shoulder, femur, pelvis, knee and ankle. Aronson already had more than 30 prior convictions for crimes including driving while suspended as well as multiple assault and resisting arrest charges. Aronson had been on the run for 3 days after cutting off his monitoring device while under court order to live at a halfway house in Surrey.