Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Jonathan Massari pleads guilty in Montreal Mob hits = 25 years

Jonathan Massari was sentenced to a prison term of 25 years for his role in the killing Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, as well as the murders of brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto.

Massari was the right-hand man of Salvatore Scoppa.
Jonathan Massari, 41, admitted he plotted to kill Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, leaders in the Rizzuto organization, during 2016. He also admitted to being part of the conspiracy to murder Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto. Led by Salvatore Scoppa, who maintained a list of people he wanted killed, the first was Lorenzo Giordano. An informant said he didn't participate in that murder, but Massari told him Dominico Scarfo was the gunman, while Massari acted as the getaway driver. The informant testified he personally shot Rocco Sollecito in Laval before jumping on the back of a motorcycle driven by Massari.