Monday, February 13, 2023

Mr Flashy lieutenant eats chit - whingy dirty bastard

A dust-up between a member of the ‘Mr Flashy’ entourage and a group of angry women was captured on social media. The man can be seen throwing objects from the roof of a garage attached to a house at the women below, who appear to be armed with iron bars. The conflict took place in Finglas and the man in the spotlight is a lieutenant to Mr Flashy. Sources say one of the angry women involved in the melee is an ex-girlfriend of Flashy. “Get off it, come down, you whingy dirty bastard,” screams one of the women at the man. “Going around intimidating kids. Ye smelly scaldy bastard."
“Get down fucking whingy bastard, move. Threatening kids, threatening kids, that’s all you’re good for. Where’s your boys now?” The video pans out with the women leaving the scene.