Wednesday, June 14, 2023

VPD Jarrod Sidhu guilty in jay-walking VPD beatdown of black man

Disgraced VPD oinker Jarrod Sidhu will be sentenced today for assault with a weapon in 2018. While being found guilty in the gangster pig attack, the judge didn't comment on allegations Sidhu is a uniformed racist and a sick basterd. It took 3 years for VPD to 'investigate'. Fellow VPD pig Const. Jagpreet Ghuman was also charged with one count of assault with a weapon. That charge was stayed in 2022.
The brown gangsters in the VPD are just another street gang, one with no laws to follow as they have the greatest fun beating folks down for no reason.
Const. Jarrod Sidhu was convicted on charges from the Feb 2018 arrest of Jamiel Moore-Williams. Moore-Williams was stopped for crossing against a red light in Vancouver’s Granville entertainment district. Sidhu was convicted of assault with a weapon after he used his Taser three times on Jamiel Moore-Williams while he was restrained and being beaten by five other pigs. Moore-Williams maintains cops targeted him because of his race. Dirty asshole cops issued a ticket for jaywalking and charged him with obstruction. Both charges were stayed.