Friday, March 31, 2023

License plate flipper the latest thing

Two people were arrested by Irvine police in 2022 after a Mercedes-Benz believed to have been involved in burglaries was found in Irvine with a license plate flipping device. Cops first got a call about the car from a resident who recognized the suspicious vehicle as being involved in several burglaries that happened the week before.

Yasmine Kambour and Chris Huynh were busted.

Tate brothers lose high end cars in Romainia - Update

Andrew Tate, who has spent months in a Romanian jail, has won an appeal to replace his detention with house arrest.
Luxury cars have been seized from Andrew Tate's property in Bucharest. Tate was detained with his brother Tristan as part of an investigation into allegations of human trafficking and rape. The Tates lost a bid to end detention in Romania after a court rejected their appeal.
Tate was removed from British Big Brother after a video showed him attacking a woman.
Born in the US before moving to the UK, Tate went on to a successful career as a kickboxer. Tate then set up a "webcam business", which is a porn site. The Tates also run an online pyramid scheme called Hustlers University, which claims to teach people how to make money.

Scott Burley - 2 Burley Men Moving - mover from hell

A Victoria moving company that overcharged a customer $2,300 has been ordered to pay the money back after the small claims court ruled the firm provided no evidence for why it overcharged in the first place. The moving company is a frequent flyer in small claims court with this case being its eighth so far this year. In 2022 the operation was involved in more than 35 small claims cases against its customers. Lead terd is Scott Burley.

Pablo Escobar’s hippos - deportation the final solution

Colombia will capture and transport 70 hippopotamuses to India and Mexico. It will cost $3.5 million. There are now between 130 and 160 of the hippos which took up residence in the Magdalena River watershed. Unchecked, they could proliferate to 1,500 in 16 years. Various schemes to curb the hippos breeding have proven expensive and ineffective.

There is no political will for a cull of the beloved tourist attractions. “If we don’t do anything, 20 years from now the problem will have no solution.”
After the Colombian government added Escobar's cocaine hippos to a list of 'introduced, invasive species,' experts say killing them may be the only viable option. Attempts to sterilize the animals is going poorly, is expensive, and is extremely difficult with something which can weigh as much as 1.8 tons. "Sacrifice (culling) remains on the table," said David Echeverri, head of the Cornare state environmental agency in charge of the sterilization effort. Studies suggest they could quadruple their population of 130 in 10 years if left unchecked.
At his zenith in the 1990s Pablo Escobar was one of the richest men in the world. With income peaking at more than $30 billion, the kingpin spent lavishly on his sprawling estates. The excesses of Hacienda Nápoles included a zoo stocked with exotic animals from around the world. Escobar brought four hippos to his estate before he was shot dead in 1993. They bred and multiplied. Relocation isn’t simple, they are up to 3,000 pounds, territorial and extremely dangerous.
24 of the hippos have been given a chemical that makes them infertile. The 'cocaine hippos' were sterilized after worries grew over their environmental impact. The decision to neutralize the herd’s breeding comes after a study concluded they were a hazard.
The ecological impact of Escobar's hippos is still largely unknown. Hippos have a lifespan of 50 years and spend most of their day under water in groups. They are notorious for being territorial and extremely dangerous. They are one of the most aggressive animals on the planet.
See ----->Pablo Escobar, the Narcos King

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Inderdeep Singh Gosal the Starbucks killer

In a horrific, senseless crime, and one captured in brutal detail by unconcerned bystanders, Paul Stanley Schmidt, 37, was stabbed to death outside the Starbucks at the corner of Granville and West Pender streets around 5:40 p.m. on Sunday. That terrible video won't be reproduced here. Killer Inderdeep Singh Gosal, 32, has pro-Khalistan links.
Paul Stanley Schmidt, 37, asked Inderdeep Singh Gosal to not vape next to his child.
A fundraiser for the family of Paul Stanley Schmidt has raised more than $139k for his daughter's future. Give generously.

Ryan Timothy Chiappe wanted

Ryan Timothy Chiappe, 44, is wanted in Prince George for two counts of possessing a firearm, among other things. Chiappe was once a promising MMA fighter. He ended his career with an 10-8 record as welterweight Ryan 'Ruthless' Chiappe. The gangster lifestyle and drugs took their toll and it only took a few years.

Chiappe in 2010.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Jonathan Massari pleads guilty in Montreal Mob hits = 25 years

Jonathan Massari was sentenced to a prison term of 25 years for his role in the killing Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, as well as the murders of brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto.

Massari was the right-hand man of Salvatore Scoppa.
Jonathan Massari, 41, admitted he plotted to kill Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, leaders in the Rizzuto organization, during 2016. He also admitted to being part of the conspiracy to murder Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falduto. Led by Salvatore Scoppa, who maintained a list of people he wanted killed, the first was Lorenzo Giordano. An informant said he didn't participate in that murder, but Massari told him Dominico Scarfo was the gunman, while Massari acted as the getaway driver. The informant testified he personally shot Rocco Sollecito in Laval before jumping on the back of a motorcycle driven by Massari.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Gangster goldfish on the rise in B.C.

Goldfish are adaptable, intelligent, and in many cases, end up being flushed down the toilet.
Dumped goldfish in B.C. waters are reproductive machines able to spit out 50,000 eggs at a time, three times a summer. Goldfish don’t even need a male to multiply, they have a special process called gynogenesis. Females clone themselves.
They have grown numerous and large, choking out the locals.

Frequent flyer Jeffrey Michael Kizmann busted again

Jeffrey Michael Kizmann, 41, tried to sell a stolen chainsaw on Facebook Marketplace in April 2021. The man whose chainsaw was stolen saw the Stihl and set up a meeting at the Sardis Sports Complex. Cops swooped in and a bored Kizmann was jailbound again. Cops searched the recidivist's Civic and found 114 grams of illegal drugs, mostly fentanyl/carfentanil and methamphetmine.

Kizmann has used many aliases in his career, including Shaun Ratzlaff, Jeffery Ratzlaff, Michael Baker, David Ratzlaff and Tina Ste. Croix. His first conviction came in 2000.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Bill Omar Carrasquillo busted

Internet followers of Bill Omar Carrasquillo or 'Omi in a Hellcat' recall a decadent lifestyle. Carrasquillo shopped for bling, toured his impressive home and drove his expensive cars for fans.
Carrasquillo is busted for running one of the most “brazen and successful” TV piracy schemes ever prosecuted by US federal officials.
Carrasquillo and two associates stole copyrighted material from cable companies and redistributed it through a streaming service Carrasquillo set up and charged customers to use. From March 2016 until November 2019, Carraquillo and his partners earned more than $30m.
Its 66 months in prison and forfeiture of $30m in assets, including $6m in cash.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Vancouver whore Jessica Kane charged with manslaughter - update V

Jessica Kane, 31, is back behind bars after being remanded back to custody.
She failed to comply with her conditions of house arrest, including presenting herself at her door to confirm compliance.

The mother of Dustin Lefebvre, who died in his home after an encounter with Kane, is speaking out. She wants to know why Kane still enjoys her freedom after new charges of drugging and robbing a man while out on bail. Lefebvre, a father of two, died in February 2021. A noxious substance caused his heart to fail. Global is reporting that in addition to the 24 odd charges she currently faces, Kane is also being investigated in Alberta by homicide detectives. No charges have been laid thus far there.
Jessica Nicole Renee Kane, was released again, this time on house arrest with a $20k cash deposit. During her bail, Kane must stay inside her home 24/7/365 except on Fridays between noon and 2 p.m. for groceries. Kane is banned from sex work, possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia, and other conditions.
Kane is set for another appearance March 9 in Surrey. She was charged in another drugging while she was out on bail. She also faces new charges of obstruction and breaching a release order.

She was busted again Jan. 9 for another count of administering a drug to commit an indictable offence and one count of robbery. Kane initially faced 21 charges of drugging and robbing Johns across the Lower Mainland over 18 months. One said there are similar teams of women posing as escorts on Leolist, drugging and robbing clients.
Kane was charged in multiple incidents of Lower Mainland men being drugged and robbed during escort-service encounters. She was released on $50k bail with no deposit or sureties. Jessica Kane was charged with manslaughter in a man’s death in February 2021. He had ingested a substance during an encounter with her.

'Crazy Rich Surabayan' a fraud artist

Wahyu Kenzo, 36, was dubbed the 'Crazy Rich Surabayan', a name spun out from an Instagram feed buzzing with luxury, fast cars and handshakes with celebrities enchanted by his unlimited brilliance. Kenzo’s robot-trading platform – Auto Trade Gold (ATG) – collapsed, defrauding 25,000 people of a total of US$585m.
Billed as the infallible artificial intelligence-powered tool scouring forex margins faster than humans, it was exposed as a lie. So were Kenzo's claims of 200% returns. Dum dums fell for a classic Ponzi scheme.
Dinar Wahyu Saptian Dyfrig or familiarly known as Wahyu Kenzo, is caged.

'Mob Boss' bank heist foiled

A Clairton man found himself in jail after telling bank employees he was a mob boss and directing them to put money on his bank card. Daniel Bizzelle Jr., 31, of Clairton, is charged with robbery, possession and public drunkenness.

Bizzelle allegedly told bank employees he was a mob boss and and he wanted $50k placed on his bank card. He said he would take $10k if they couldn’t give him the full amount, then said, “This is a stick up,” and “No need to get police involved,” according to the complaint.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Karachi’s water mafia

Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and 12th largest in the world, with a population of over 20m. The city has enormous water needs. It's core population is growly rapidly, with an industrial hub with over 10,000 factories. Up to 80% of the city’s water is pumped through a leaky 10,000km network of ancient pipelines at low prices. The other 20% rely on private tankers charging much more.
As the state-run water supply increasingly fails, the water mafia steps in to profit. And where do they get their water? Illegal water hydrants are built to siphon off the water from the main supply. Over 10 million gallons per day is stolen from the system. That system has not seen any upgrades for over 25 years because there is no revenue.

The issue has become political as control over water from the city’s rapidly depleting freshwater sources has become one of the most lucrative industries in the mega-city. In Karachi, those politicians with close ties to the water mafia have the most power, and are emblematic of state corruption.

Greg Paul Carr slags, threatens HA Jaimie Yochlowitz - update

Most recently Greg Paul Carr is bragging about serious criminal charges. "I Face Two Charges June 23 2023. arrested for assault with a weapon 267(1)CC and uttering threats 264.1(1) CC" Carr was running around with a knife and was caught on video, the idiot.

Greg Carr's Youtube channel is something. Who makes, leaves, and then brags about evidence of their indictable offense? Only the lowest end of the autistic spectrum. Carr has a long record and could be going away again.
Greg Paul Carr, 57, has issued another series of vile insults and threats to the Surrey HAMC Hardside chapter and full patch Jaimie Yochlowitz. "Surrey H.A. members and their companions they are the sort of ppl who masturbate to porn of ppl having sex with animals." "Make the world a better place spit on Surrey H.A. members". In regards to Jaimie Yochlowitz specifically, Greg Paul Carr says ... "What a fucking mook!"

Carr mocks Yochlowitz for, among other things, owning a therapy dog.
Jaimie 'Jewsifer' Yochlowitz
Surrey resident Greg Paul Carr slags the HAMC every day, and has for years. Mr. Greg Paul Carr feels the HAMC is filled with homosexuals, who are too big of pussies to do anything about his 24/7/365 insults.

"Hey faggot contact Surrey RCMP just like the faggot Hell's Angels hey faggot with no wife or children my lawyer will destroy you whimpering whimpering pedophile ring. You are piece of merde."
"I have a 131 I.Q. and a college education been arrested 35 times, locked up a few times, and been homeless and now own a two bedroom apt. mortgage free and have the most expensive vehicle on the block a nice TFSA and own TSX and NYSE stocks donated $1,500 dollars to charities last month so I have lots of life experiences."

"I too have worked for convience store/gas stations and have the unique perspective of having robbed them to. Never caught."

Greg Paul Carr
"Call the RCMP again if you want contact abuse@gmail again if you want jerk off to your pictures of your daughter Shannon lots of rapists are thinking of her. Your welcome to my apt anytime bald one so I can kill you and I will make your slut daughter pay for the new carpet."

Greg Paul Carr's favourite colour is pink.

Greg Paul Carr lives in Newton, Surrey.,,