Monday, March 20, 2023

Canada finally rid of Italian ’Ndrangheta Domenico Cugliari

Nine Italian cops were waiting at the door of an Air Canada jet arriving in Rome from Toronto. They lined the boarding bridge to the airplane door, taking no chances to grab a passenger who had fought for years in Canada to not be put on that plane. Domenico Cugliari, 40, married a Canadian woman in Toronto, and he wanted to stay to avoid justice. Once identified and busted in 2020, he claimed refugee protection, saying he would face persecution by the Italian state. He argued his tale over and over at lengthy immigration hearings and court challenges. Cugliari is a made member of the ’Ndrangheta.
Bosses of the ’Ndrangheta have been in Canada for decades, hiding in plain sight. Many become Canadian citizens, others are avoiding prison or rivals in Italy as permanent residents. Among other things, Cugliari was a front man for the Bonavota clan. Members of the Bonavota clan have been living in Ontario since at least 2009. They are trusted and respected by senior mob bosses in Toronto. The same day Cugliari was arrested he made a refugee claim.
He was eventually released on bond. After a lengthy immigration hearing he was ruled inadmissible due to organized criminality in November 2021. His refugee claim was rejected weeks later. Cugliari appealed to the Federal Court of Canada, challenging both decisions. Finally on Feb. 23, 2023, a Federal Court judge rejected his appeals. “Everyone ordered to be removed from Canada is entitled to due process ..." said a CBSA mouthpiece.