Thursday, March 23, 2023

Onni Group sued by City of Burnaby

Burnaby is suing Onni Group over “significant damage” to its sidewalks and streets. The city says construction on the Gilmore Place development by Onni Group has resulted in “cracking and deformation”. Construction of Gilmore Place caused the city’s property to settle, and the excavation caused a reduction in groundwater level and subsequent settlement of soil.

Onni Group President Rossano de Cotiis
Burnaby is also suing architect IBI Group, structural engineers Bryson Markulin and Glotman Simpson, and engineering consultancy GeoPacific. The quality of Onni Group construction, according to mountainous material on the internet, is beyond the horrible. The only thing worse is their track record as landlords, which is unspeakable.

Marcello DeCotiis