Monday, August 28, 2023

Emile-Haim Benamor - 7 killed in Old Montreal fire - update IV

The fire in March that killed seven is now being investigated as a case of arson, Montreal cops revealed.
The Old Montreal building where seven people died in a fire in March was found to have multiple fire code violations between 2009 and 2018, including blocked and “dead-end” secondary exits on the second and third floors and a non-compliant fire alarm system. Inspectors repeatedly contacted building owner Emile H. Benamor and carried out repeat visits to the 14-unit building at the corner of Place d’Youville and du Port St. in an attempt to have fire code violations corrected. Quebec press reported on the dozens of Airbnb rentals being operated by Emile-Haim Benamor illegally. Cleaners reported that rats, mice, bed bugs and electrical problems plagued the ancient buildings.
Emile-Haim Benamor should be charged with criminal negligence.
Randy Sears lost his son Nathan, 35, in the fire on March 16 in Place d'Youville. Nathan Sears was passing through Montreal and had rented accommodation in the building through Tarik Hassan and Airbnb.
Sears is suing Tarik Hassan, Airbnb, and owner Emile-Haim Benamor for $22m in a proposed class action.

Firefighters at 135 Rue du Port.
The Montreal Gazette is reporting that multiple complaints, dating back over a year, were suppressed by Airbnb. One woman complained about windows nailed shut, no ventilation and blocked emergency exits. “My heart sunk so completely,” she said. “I felt guilty and so upset picturing them. I was in that bloody room. I can picture what it would be like to be stuck.”
New Airbnb guests arriving at the Viger street building owned by Emile-Haim Benamor March 23rd.

Nine were injured in the blaze.
Quebec politicians criticized Airbnb after a building in old Montreal was used for multiple illegal rentals. There were 15 units in the building. In 2018, Airbnb-style short-term rentals were made illegal in the area where the building is located. Airbnb was asked by authorities to forbid rentals for people who didn't possess a certificate with Quebec's Revenue Department, which oversees the short-term rental industry. Airbnb ignored the request. A lawyer for the building's owner, Emile-Haim Benamor, 60, said that Airbnb rentals in the building had nothing to do with his client
Benamor is a lawyer who pleaded guilty to tax evasion two years ago. He failed to report income of $469,591 from a "fraudulent scheme."

'3x your income with a short term rental business w/ Tariq Hasan | Facebook'
Benamor's law firm is 'Benamor Avocats'. Benamor owned at least 21 Montreal buildings as of 2021 either in his own name, or through EP7 Consultants Inc. His goal was to turn them all into Airbnb rentals, legal or not. He evicted long term residents to accomplish this. His front man was immigrant Tariq Hasan. He was running 7 Airbnb ads at 135 Rue du Port. Hasan’s many listings on Airbnb and other short-term rental sites have been removed. He is attempting to remove his internet presence.