Thursday, April 6, 2023

Furore over bikie Dayne Brajkovich - Redux II

Latest in cyberspace are photos of tuff guy Dayne Brajkovich as a fresh faced dude with hair. Brajkovich's mug became so notorious that he was the poster boy for the Western Australian Government's bikie crackdown.
Nobody could miss bikie Dayne Brajkovich and his little woman at a recent court appearance. CCTV caught the moment infamous Aussie bikie Dayne Brajkovich queued up at a gift shop at the Perth Mint to buy $27k worth of gold - allegedly without any checks on where his cash came from.

Brajkovich, 43, who has a swastika inked onto his chin and 'Bad News' scrawled across his forehead, bought the gold at the Perth Mint in June.
CCTV footage appears to show Brajkovich had covered up many of his tattoos with black make-up on his face and hands to comply with strict WA bikie laws. High-risk customers are supposed to attract 'rigorous' checks by Mint staff to ensure criminal proceeds aren't used to buy gold as part of a money-laundering scheme. Nobody is more high-risk than world famous bikie Dayne Brajkovich.

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The boss of the Perth Mint now has an inquiry on his hands. It isn't the only one.

Headlines today are screaming "The historic Perth Mint is facing a potential $9 billion recall of gold bars after selling diluted or "doped" bullion to China and then covering it up"

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