Saturday, March 4, 2023

Late mob boss Vincent 'The Chin' Gigante's family feuding

Father Louis Gigante in 2003.
The grandnephew of 'The Chin' pilfered more than $500k from Building Management Associates in the Bronx, a company established in 1980 by the crime lord’s brother Father Louis Gigante according to a lawsuit. The priest hired Salvatore Gigante 18 years ago “out of the goodness of his heart,” lawyers said. “Sal had no real estate knowledge at the time. His college career focused on hammer throwing.” Louis Gigante died in October at age 89, leaving his $7m estate to son Gino — a 32-year-old whose lineage to the not-so-celibate priest emerged after his death.
Salvatore Gigante
“Father G was not even cold in his grave when Sal started plotting and scheming,” court papers charged.