Sunday, April 30, 2023

Tim Bachman dead at 71

Taking care of business became a catchphrase adopted by everyone from Elvis to the Hells Angels MC.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Danbrook One offense in Langford - 'tear it down' - DB Services

Residents of Ridgeview Place — formerly Danbrook One — are fleeing the structure after the building’s owner issued an emergency evacuation, deeming the 11-storey, 90-unit building unsafe due to structural issues. It’s the second time in four years the tower has been flagged as unsafe by Engineers and Geoscientists of B.C. and evacuated over safety concerns. Design and structural flaws were found in 2019 months after the building was finished and occupied. The City of Langford got a stamp of approval from two engineers that it was safe, so an occupancy permit was reissued a year ago. Now those engineers are under investigation. The plans for the building were originally stolen from Leon Plett of RJC Engineers and improperly 'adapted' by builder DB Services.

28 serious structural concerns were revealed by Read Jones Christoffersen Limited Consulting Engineers.
The long term former mayor of Langford, Stew Young accepted no responsibility. “I don’t want to be like everybody else,” Young says. “At the end, the job is to understand what the public wants and get it done.”
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Caged Martino Caputo to pay child support

Convicted underworld killer Martino Caputo, 49, who fathered a child while behind bars, has been ordered to pay $3,748 in monthly child support. He is serving out a life prison term after killing Johnny Raposo in 2017. Caputo married and artificially impregnated Robyn Amy Louise Hohmeier while serving his first-degree murder sentence in Collins Bay Institution. He gave her lavish gifts from prison, including multiple pieces of Cartier jewelry, two SUVs, a custom wedding band appraised at $88k, a Versace scarf and a Rolex watch worth $20k.
Caputo argued he is not a bookie while in prison. “There is no ‘vig’ involved in his activities,” the judge quotes his lawyer as saying, referring to the “vigorish” — the fee a bookmaker or sportsbook charges a bettor for placing a wager. “He participates in legal betting with other inmates at Collins Bay. The inmates use the odds from the TV station and have friends or family on the outside transfer money into and out of their bank accounts.”

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Friday, April 28, 2023

Italian mafioso Edgardo Greco to be sent to Italy

The Lyon appeals court agreed to Italy’s extradition request. Greco was convicted in Italy in 2006 to a life sentence for the murder in 1991 of Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo, brothers who were members of a rival gang. He is also accused of the attempted murder of Emiliano Mosciaro. The mafia hitman was nabbed after 16 years on the run.

He is a member of the Perna-Pranno clan, which was the most important in the city of Cosenza, where he lived.
Edgardo Greco worked as a pizza maker in a pizzeria in Saint-Etienne under the name Paolo Dimitri - the name of a criminal from Puglia. Greco, 63, is a member of the Calabrian mafia - the 'Ndrangheta. He was sentenced to life for two murders committed in 1991 and an attempted murder. He was on the run for over 16 years.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Floyd Mayweather to fight John Gotti III

Floyd Mayweather, 46, is scheduled to face boxer and MMA fighter John Gotti III on pay-per-view June 11 in Florida. The promotion has been dubbed, “Last Names Matter.” Gotti, 30, has a record of 5-1 in MMA. He lost his last bout by decision.

Ashley Marie Jensen = dangerous

Cops say Ashley Marie Jensen is considered dangerous and should not be approached.
Prince George cops are on the hunt for Ashley Marie Jensen, 39. She is 5’8 (173 cm), 139 lb (63 kg) with brown hair and brown eyes. She is wanted for a long list of crimes that would make any gangster proud.

Included are; possession of a prohibited weapon. Unauthorized possession of a firearm. Unauthorized possession of a prohibited firearm. Possession of a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized. Careless storage of a firearm. Unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Possession of body armour without valid body armour permit. Possession of property obtained by crime over $5000.

$20m gold heist at Pearson airport - update III

“This is an active investigation and we are exploring all avenues,” said cops.
The air freight container stuffed with $20m in gold and banknotes was unloaded from an Air Canada jet arriving at Toronto’s Pearson airport onto a Brink’s security truck while on the airport tarmac. The loot, the size of a desk, was then driven through a tunnel underneath the runways to an Air Canada cargo holding facility on the other side of the airport called Cargo West. It then disappeared. The afternoon flight to Toronto was from Zurich. The shipment was destined for TD Bank with Brinks providing security.
Brinks was co-ordinating the shipment of $20m worth of gold and currency when it was stolen from Toronto Pearson International Airport. The Brink’s Company, the corporation responsible for the transit of valuable goods, confirmed to CTV News on Monday they were “co-ordinating the shipments” on April 17.

“At Brink’s, if assets are lost at any point during transfer, we reimburse our customers in accordance with our contract terms.” Cops are tight lipped as they spilled little beans about the $20m heist.
The goods were offloaded from an Air Canada plane at Pearson airport the evening of April 17. The airline's cargo operations were in possession of the high value goods when they disappeared. The missing loot was reported to cops shortly after.
Cops say they have no clue.
The heist happened in a holding cargo facility at the airport. The loot was removed by "illegal means." Cops wouldn't reveal where the aircraft carrying the cargo had come from, or its final destination. Its said the destination for the 'gold and banknotes' was TD Bank. What cops fail to say is the obvious ... it had to be an inside job.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Dale Kelland - Manitoba Hells Angels revisted II

Dale Kelland, (Dale Donovan) was peddling Nomad gear in 2021.
Dale 'Deli' Kelland of the Manitoba Nomads made international headlines in mid-2008, calling on HA and associates to fight back against heinous biker discrimination. He compared the 'no colours' policy to the discrimination Indians faced under the Indian Act. "This treatment of Canadians was wrong then and it's wrong now" he spewed.

Legal experts said at the time what he is doing could be considered a crime. Criminal offences, including extortion (section 346) and intimidation (section 423) can be used to address organized crime activity. Dale Kelland had been convicted of gangsterism.

In 2009 Dale Kelland was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking operation and for trying to recruit gang members.
When Dale Kelland, (Dale Donovan) heard bikers had been turned away from a hotel for wearing their colours he called on his 1% world to slag the business. They obeyed. Supporters took to social media to express their overwhelming displeasure with the Marion Hotel. Dale Kelland, (Dale Donovan) created a global chitstorm with his vendetta against small businesses in Winnipeg that refused to kiss his filthy 1% asshole. The CBC did a feature and so did news outlets in Australia and Germany. Kelland eventually shut that big mouth, too late for the club. The bad press was of tidal wave proportion.

Under Manitoba law, the Hells Angels are a criminal organization. This manner of damage to the club, from farmers, is unthinkable.

Before attacking the hotel and eatery, Kelland targeted the Headingley Sport Shop Ltd./ Indian Motorcycle in Winnipeg.
When the small Winnipeg business removed its Facebook page, the bikers then attacked the Marion Street Eatery, a restaurant in the hotel. Within 24 hours hundreds of people, most of them from outside Canada, posted one-star reviews on the restaurant's Facebook page, reducing its 4.5-star reputation to three stars overnight. They later targeted a TripAdvisor website.

Over the subsequent years Dale Kelland (Dale Donovan) has managed to keep that dopey trap shut.

In 2020 a 14-year-old boy was charged for 4 HA connected drug trade shootings in Winnipeg. He was charged with first degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and other firearms offences.

Colombian cocaine traffickers go away for 22 years

Alvaro Castro-Gomez had a previous conviction for trafficking narcotics on the high seas.
Brothers Robin Castro-Gomez, 36, and Alvaro Castro-Gomez, 41, were sentenced to 22 years each in federal prison for conspiring to traffic more than 7,700 pounds of cocaine from Colombia to the US on "low-profile" boats. The brothers moved cocaine from Tumaco in Colombia to Central America, for importation into the U.S., via three 'go fast' vessels. They pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute huge amounts of cocaine, valued at about $100m.
Robin and Álvaro Castro-Gómez after their arrest in Dec 2020.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Saed Osman wanted Canada-wide = $50k

The brothers are imported shitbag Ethiopian gangsters.
Its $50k if you know where Saed Osman is at. Saed Osman is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for first degree murder related to a lounge shooting that took place in Edmonton on March 12, 2022. Imbert George, 28, was killed by multiple gunshots. Brother Luqman Osman, then 25, was out on bail when he whacked Bekri Mohamed in 2014.

Brazen US cocaine smugglers get light sentences

3 smugglers who hauled cocaine into metro Chicago aboard a private jet won't be serving the mandatory minimum 10 years.
The brazen smugglers got 3 years, 3.5 years and 5 years. Rodrigo Alexis Jimenez-Perez, an illegal immigrant, said he didn't know he was driving a vehicle with 80 kilos of cocaine inside. Sebastian Vazquez-Gamez arrived on the plane at the Gary airport, and loaded suitcases of cocaine into a Lincoln Navigator. Sergio Ivan Blas of Indianapolis directed the operation.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Porchetta Pizza's thin crust of respectability - Antonio Madafferi

When the founder of the La Porchetta pizza chain in Australia, Rocco 'Rocky' Pantaleo was subjected to extortion from Melbourne mafia gangster Alphonse Gangitano, he could have paid. It was the mid 1990s and the 'Black Prince of Lygon Street' was making threats if he wasn't paid off. Pantaleo refused and turned to Francesco 'Mad Frank' Madafferi, brother of Antonio Madafferi. Gangitano was warned off as he was outranked. In 1998, he was gunned down. Rocco Pantaleo would die in a road crash in 2020. It was ruled an accident. Today, the La Porchetta brand, which operates in New Zealand and across Australia, has 38 outlets. Behind the corporate sign is La Porchetta Holdings Pty Ltd, which has been part-owned since 2010 by investment companies controlled by families of the 'Honoured Society'.
Prominent among owners of La Porchetta Holdings Pty Ltd is Antonio 'Tony' Madafferi. A Madafferi company owns 5% in La Porchetta Holdings Pty. The same-sized stake is held by the family of Madafferi's brother, Francesco, the man who warned off Gangitano. Francesco Madafferi was busted for drug trafficking. His group was responsible for what was then the world's largest ecstasy bust in 2007, more than four tonnes of pills worth A$440m that were smuggled inside cans of tomatoes. At last report, in mid 2021, he was being prepared for deportation to Italy.
Another co-owner linked to the Honoured Society is Michael Manariti, who was sentenced to 9+ years jail in 2010 for trafficking ecstasy, cocaine and meth.
Frank Madafferi initially received protection payments for turning away Gangitano. Soon after other underworld players and their relatives became La Porchetta franchisees, like Michael Manariti. They also invested in properties used by the chain. Crossing these interests would prove to have disturbing consequences. In August 2014, ASX-listed Retail Food Group, which owns franchise chains Crust, Gloria Jean's and Brumby's, announced it would buy La Porchetta's for A$16.3m. 3 months later it walked away. La Porchetta had been under pressure from a host of new competitors in the pizza business. It's franchise network contracted from more than 90 outlets at its peak. In March 2014, the link between La Porchetta and organized crime made headlines.
Madafferi, who has previously sued Fairfax Media for defamation, tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain the identity of the journalists' sources. He says he is a businessman unfairly slandered by the police and media.
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Clayton Eheler - busted again - update IV

"Christmas is all about giving," said Alexandria Di Battista, 'owner' of Smoking Deals Auto in Chilliwack.
Its Dec 16, 2013 and "The folks at Smoking Deals Auto, Alexandria Di Battista, Clayton Eheler, and Tyler McInnes, hosted a Christmas dinner for the hungry on Dec. 19, 2013 at Evergreen Hall." “We did pretty good this past year, and we want to give back to the community,” she said. “Feeding people is filling a basic need.” So is getting high and cocaine kingpin Clayton Eheler was busted months later.
Clayton Archie Eheler, 40, was arrested on multiple charges March 22, 2022 in Langley. This time around it's committing an offence for a criminal organization, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, and trafficking.
Eight years, four months, and 15 days after Clayton Eheler was caught with Matthew Thiessen processing a mountain of cocaine, the well-known gangster finally pleaded guilty. Co-accused Thiessen pleaded guilty and will be sentenced Sept. 6. Eheler remains out on bail pending his next court appearance.

Clayton Archie Eheler puts the 'R' into recidivist. In 2019 cops seized $2m worth of drugs, including nearly 15 kg of fentanyl pills and powder, eight guns and more than $200k in cash. Eheler and co-accused Mathew Jordan Thieessen were caught with cocaine in 2014. Both were found guilty of trafficking.
Eheler, a former Bacon brothers associate, was sentenced to 8 years and a lifetime weapons prohibition. The case against the gangsters turned mainly on the admissibility of evidence from a search warrant. The men were present in the apartment when cops busted down the door. Cops landed 8kg of powder cocaine and 1kg of crack along with weapons.

Eheler is well known as a Wolf Pack gangster - a coalition made up of some Hells Angels, some Red Scorpions and some Independent Soldiers.
Eheler has a long criminal history, exceeding 45 convictions. Over the years Eheler repeatedly used a high profile defence lawyer to force delay after delay in the case. There were multiple defense voir dire hearings for alleged Charter breaches and a failed application for a mistrial. Then the pair gleefully argued their Charter rights were violated because the case took more than 30 months from arraignment to conviction.
Clayton Eheler in Asia in 2014.