Wednesday, October 11, 2023

$20m gold heist at Pearson airport - update IV

The Toronto airport heist of 400.19 kg in gold bars, along with US $2m was as easy as walking into Air Canada’s cargo facility, showing a false waybill, and leaving with the loot. So says a lawsuit by Brinks against Air Canada. The lawsuit says Air Canada has ass backward terrible security. There have been no arrests.

“This is an active investigation and we are exploring all avenues,” said cops.
The air freight container stuffed with $20m in gold and banknotes was unloaded from an Air Canada jet arriving at Toronto’s Pearson airport onto a Brink’s security truck while on the airport tarmac. The loot, the size of a desk, was then driven through a tunnel underneath the runways to an Air Canada cargo holding facility on the other side of the airport called Cargo West. It then disappeared. The afternoon flight to Toronto was from Zurich. The shipment was destined for TD Bank with Brinks providing security.
Brinks was co-ordinating the shipment of $20m worth of gold and currency when it was stolen from Toronto Pearson International Airport. The Brink’s Company, the corporation responsible for the transit of valuable goods, confirmed to CTV News on Monday they were “co-ordinating the shipments”. “At Brink’s, if assets are lost at any point during transfer, we reimburse our customers in accordance with our contract terms.” Cops are tight lipped as they spilled little beans about the $20m heist.
The goods were offloaded from an Air Canada plane at Pearson airport the evening of April 17. The airline's cargo operations were in possession of the high value goods when they disappeared. The missing loot was reported to cops shortly after.
Cops have no clue.
The heist happened in a holding cargo facility at the airport. The loot was removed by "illegal means." Cops wouldn't reveal where the aircraft carrying the cargo had come from, or its final destination. Its said the destination for the 'gold and banknotes' was TD Bank. What cops fail to say is the obvious ... it had to be an inside job.