Sunday, April 23, 2023

Homietos MC and Banditos MC - Whisky Barrel Saloon

Eric Oberholtzer
Oklahoma City cops arrested two Bandidos after the Whisky Barrel Saloon shoot out. Eric Oberholtzer, 29, the president of the local Homietos MC, was killed. Two members of Bandidos-affiliated groups also died in the crossfire: Andrew Sump, 28, and Francisco Tanajara, 38.

Homieto Tyler Myers, 34, was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds after the fight and arrested on first-degree murder charges shortly after.

Bandidos Douglas Jacobs and Nicklus Sweet.

Eric Ross Oberholtzer, Mahir Alihodizic and Christopher Daniel Holt
Three banditos were killed and one wounded in separate shootings along Interstate 45 in two counties in Southeast Texas. The incidents took place north of Houston April 3, 2022 as the bikers were shot off their bikes. Three members of the Homietos MC were arrested after the murders.
Christopher Daniel Holt, 28 is the president of the Homietos. Mahir Alihodizic, 36, is vice president. Eric Ross Oberholt, 28, was a member of the Homeitos MC.

Homeitos MC bikers were surrounded and gunned down in an April 13, 2023 bar shoot out in Oklahoma City in an act of bloody revenge. 3 died, including Eric Ross Oberholtzer. 3 others were injured. Bullet holes riddled the inside of the Whiskey Barrel Saloon after the ambush.