Tuesday, April 11, 2023

'Gold Mafia' - update II

Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia documentary fingers Uebert Angel as a main player.
Son Uebert Angel Juniour is being called out on social media.

“Its a family of thieves and fraudsters.”

“Your father is a thief.”

Arrests are said to be imminent, including prophet Uebert Angel. https://www.uebertangel.org/
Players implicated in the gold Mafia including prophet Uebert Angel have had their assets frozen by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Financial Intelligence Unit. Angel is captured on camera offering to use his diplomatic cover to carry dirty cash into Zimbabwe. Assets of Ewan McMillan, Kamlesh Pattni, Uebert Angel, and Simon Rudland were reported to banks on March 30 for seizure.
"Second Republic under President Mnangagwa operates as the First Citizen’s emphasis has always been on honest hard work."

Uebert Angel
"Any person found to have engaged in acts of corruption, fraud or any form of crime, will face the full wrath of the law,". Two parts of the documentary aired on Al Jazeera. It exposes cleric Uebert Angel, Ewan McMillan and Simon Rudland. They masterminded a gold scheme that siphoned tonnes of gold out of the country to Dubai.