Monday, August 14, 2023

Claudia Iacono killing enters new territory for Montreal mafia - update II

Montreal police announced the arrest of a second man, 30, in connection with the May killing of Claudia Iacono. He was arrested in Toronto on Monday and will be charged with first-degree murder. Cops said they believe the second suspect planned the killing and that Clarke was the gunman.
Joel Richard Clarke, 28, has been arrested in the shooting death of Claudia Iacono. He was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder for the May 16 killing. Iacono, 39, was shot in her car close to the hair salon she ran on Jean-Talon St. W. in Montreal’s Côte-des-Neiges district. Police arrived at the scene to find Iacono in her car. It collided with a building and was still running. Claudia Iacono was married to Antonio Gallo, the son of Moreno Gallo. She was not connected to crime while her husband and brother-in-law absolutely are. The killing is seen as a message to them. The mafia previously did not target wives. That line has been crossed.

Joel Clarke was nailed in May for dealing purple fentanyl, cocaine and Percocet, and had a semi-automatic pistol, pistol magazines, and cash seized. Bianca Brown, 26, was busted with him.
Witnesses said that a gunman waited for Iacono to enter the parking lot before shooting her five times at point blank range. Montreal cops arrived to find Iacono with gunshot wounds inside her car. She was declared dead at the scene. The 39-year-old was a mother of three children.
Claudia Iacono, a Montreal salon owner and the daughter-in-law of Moreno Gallo, was executed in a Côte-des-Neiges parking lot. Moreno Gallo was closely tied to the Montreal mafia. The Calabrian mobster was deported from Canada for serious criminality in 2012. He was whacked in Mexico in 2013.
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