Friday, May 19, 2023

Dirty socks, footprints in trailer sinking trucker Harvinder Singh

A trial got in full swing for trucker Harvinder Singh. He is facing drug importation charges linked to 62 kilos of cocaine found in his commercial truck at the bridge connecting the Sarnia area and Michigan on March 31, 2021. Border officers arrested the driver and turned him over to the RCMP. Two CBSA officers were called to the stand and they both testified, at separate times, about footprints and dirty socks.

The Brampton-based Greenway Carriers trailer they inspected carried bags of carbon black, a powdery substance commonly used as a pigment and reinforcing agent in vehicle tires. Footprints on top of the pallets on the right side of the trailer were observed. Singh’s white socks were dirty and the bottoms were covered in a black, soot-like substance.

There have been 7 major drug busts involving truckers on the Canadian side of the Blue Water Bridge since March 2021