Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Killers of Frantz Louis guilty - revisited

Emanuell Roberts Hunte, 24, and Andrew Thomas Labrèche, 25 were found guilty of the murder of Frantz Louis, a man with close ties to organized crime who was gunned down inside his car in Villeray November 19, 2020. Both are guilty of first-degree murder with no parole for 25 years. Louis was shot six times at point-blank range in the head and upper body. Labrèche was the getaway driver; Emanuell Roberts Hunte was the shooter. A few months before Louis was killed, he was charged along with three others in Project Abus, a Montreal police investigation into extortion and loansharking.

Charles Odner, Dantes Hulbens, Louis Frantz and Carlos Rodriguez.
Frantz Louis, with Dantes Hubens, 'Doggy D', worked as debt collectors. Louis had ties to Atna Ohna, '2-Pac'. He and Ohna were observed by cops meeting with Gilles Lambert and François Vachon, Montreal HA, as well as Joseph Chamai, the former right hand man of Andrea Scoppa.

Emanuell Roberts Hunte
Frantz Louis and mafia strongman Davide Barberio were closely linked. A mafia loansharking and extortion bust in 2014 led directly to Frantz Louis.

Andrew Thomas Labrèche