Friday, May 19, 2023

Xylazine, the 'flesh-eating' drug - tranq on the rise

The 'zombie drug' is a veterinary tranquilizer approved in the US for cows and horses. It is now flooding the US drug market, with dealers often cutting it with cocaine and heroin. Most often it is used to cut fentanyl.
The drug has spread to Los Angeles, with news crews capturing people hunched over and on the ground, strung out on the drug. The problem, Los Angeles cops say, is that the drug is technically legal.
It reduces pain and slows brain activity. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate.
Xylazine enhances the effect of respiratory depression caused by opioids, increasing the risk of overdose and death. Xylazine is a cheap filler that increases the potency of opioids. It causes sedative effects in humans.
People who use xylazine often suffer from open wounds anywhere on their bodies. These wounds can lead to necrosis, the rotting of flesh, and amputation.

The drug makes it appear as though it is eating away your flesh from the inside out. It's name 'Zombie Drug' is well earned.