Friday, June 30, 2023

6.5 tonnes of cocaine found in bananas in Spain

6.5 tonnes of cocaine have been found hidden in bananas in Spain and Columbia. The seizure by multiple European cop forces returned about €223m worth of cocaine. 13 were arrested and 8 locations were searched in Cádiz and Malaga, which led to the seizure of 6.5 tonnes of cocaine, luxury watches and €1.5m in cash. The bust comes as 152 defendants of the Los Castañas clan are accused of running drug trafficking networks in the Campo de Gibraltar and along the Andalusian coast. The Anti-Drugs Prosecutor's Office asked for sentences totalling 1,787 years in prison and huge fines for Antonio Tejón, the leader of the 'el Castaña' clan. The crime boss is a member of a well-known family from the Spanish city Castellar de la Frontera, which used a frozen fish company in Algeciras as a front.
Tejón's network was organized on two levels; a top tier which was made up of 45 people and a second level, made up of another hundred individuals, who were mainly in charge of surveillance work and moving product. The Los Castañas network had its own jetties, fleet of boats, drones to monitor the trips and security forces, as well as tractors and trucks. Tejón ran his operation from jail. Tejón returned to court just four months after being acquitted in another case, in which he was tried, along with his brother 'Isco' and fourteen others, for two shipments intercepted in 2016 in La Línea de la Concepción.
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