Sunday, June 11, 2023

Manish Sharma kills flagger - 'does' nothing

Months after a flagger was killed by a concrete truck on a Burnaby construction site, WorkSafeBC stopped work at the same site three times in a month because of unsafe traffic control. Owner of Square Nine Developments Inc. Manish Sharma was fined $2,500 for violations from the flagger’s death and another $2,500 for the many violations that followed it.
Manish Sharma is a man who gives no fuk about site safety and the lives of those working for him, nor adhering to laws protecting those lives. Manish Sharma refuses to comment on his negligence.

Paul Reid
The 'man' directly responsible is site superintendent Paul Reid. It would ultimately be his responsibility, even to resign if pushed. He needs ethics for that.
Manish Sharma and his peons have blood on their hands. Most would find that troubling. Not this group.