Thursday, July 6, 2023

Car theft in GTA out of control - gone in 90 seconds

A crew is formed. The primary can make $3k to $5k per car, the break-in man makes from $500-1,000, key fob expert $1,200 and the getaway driver about $500. Following the theft, vehicles are usually taken to a "cooling off area" where the group looks for GPS trackers. Criminals send pictures of the vehicle and its VIN number to the customer who ordered the vehicle and money is wired back. 3 cars are put into shipping containers which are shipped overseas. CBSA checks far less than 1% of outbound containers which number between 5k to 15k per day.
The province says that in Ontario a car is stolen every 48 minutes. At least 32 cars have been stolen in Toronto each day in 2023. From Nov 2022 to April 11, 2023, cops charged 119 and recovered 556 vehicles stolen in the GTA. The vehicles have a combined value over $27m. The resale value overseas is high and it's a lucrative business. Penalties for getting busted are laughably light. The amount of money being made, according to cops, would make the GTA’s top pimps, drug dealers and gun smugglers blush.
In Toronto alone, there were 9,606 vehicle thefts in 2022. That's triple the amount of thefts in 2015. Following another 14% increase in 2023 Ontario is spending $51 million over three years to try to fight auto theft. Money is set to go toward creating an organized crime and auto theft team led by the OPP. The government is creating a major auto theft prosecution team to provide dedicated legal and prosecution support.

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