Sunday, July 23, 2023

Florida cops foiled in ATM heist

Lake City Florida cops who responded to a bank alarm just before 5 a.m. found something missing: the ATM near the drive-thru of the Ameris Bank on US 90 had been ripped from its foundation and drag marks trailed through the parking lot and grass, heading down the street. Another extremely alert officer spotted a white utility truck headed north just a few minutes away on NW Bascom Norris Drive -- dragging an ATM behind it. When the cops tried to pull the truck over, the two people inside ran off into a wooded area.
Dudley DoRights called in help from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the Baker Correctional Institution’s K-9 Unit, the Florida Highway Patrol’s Drone Unit and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Air Unit. Despite all the overtime the 2 perps made a clean get-a-way, leaving dopey cops pulling their useless pee pees.