Friday, July 21, 2023

Sheraton Vancouver Airport spanked for 4th time

Sheraton has received three cease and desist orders for using scabs.
A Richmond hotel has been handed yet another cease and desist order, it's fourth. The B.C. Labour Board ruled that the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel had breached the Labour Code by rebooking rooms to it's non-union operations. The operation "wrongfully rebooked" rooms. 40 union members walked off the job on June 14 for better pay and working conditions. The two hotels, next to the Sheraton, are non-union. The BC Federation of Labour declared a public boycott of all three hotels. Damages for all breaches will be determined later.
Brad Nakagawa, Director of Operations at Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, is appearing to be the peon in charge for the US owned conglomerate.