Sunday, July 30, 2023

Trevor Parkstrom - 'no regard for law and order'

One man crime wave Trevor Parkstrom, 48, has pleaded guilty to another half dozen charges throughout the Okanagan. Parkstrom puts the 'P' into prolific. When cops arrested Parkstrom in a stolen truck they linked him to 12 files since December 2022 and 22 files in the past 90 days. RCMP said that Parkstrom is named to 150 calls for service since 2013. Lawyers return on Oct. 5 to set a date for Parkstrom’s sentencing, which will take place in First Nations court in Kamloops. Parkstrom is free on bail at a Kamloops recovery facility. He likely won't stay caged for long if he does get time. In 2022, Kelowna had the highest reported crime rate of 10,532 per 100,000 residents. Lethbridge came in second at 9,358 and Winnipeg in third at 8,757. Citizens may look to Trevor Parkstrom as to why.