Thursday, August 31, 2023

Mexican Navy reels in 9,700 pounds of cocaine

More than 9700 pounds of cocaine were seized by the Mexican Navy. Operations took place off the Pacific coast near Oaxaca. The Navy used helicopters to lower down to board the vessels. The Navy busted 3 go fast boats, arresting 11.

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Ontario 'Greenbelt' fraud - update V - Buena Vista Development Corp.

Chinese national Yuchen Lu is screwed after trying to flip Greenbelt ground on the sly for massive profits. Doug Ford will be returning the land belonging to Buena Vista Development Corp. to the Greenbelt. Lu bought the 133 acre parcel in June 2018 for $15.8 million. Yuchen Lu's address is listed in Fuyang, China.

This is 1.79% of the land gifted in Ford's Greenbelt steal. Buena Vista Development Corp is owned by Chinese national Yuchen Lu.
Doug Ford is facing more heat as two parcels of land he removed from the Greenbelt are trying to be flipped. 765 and 775 Kingston Rd. E., in Ajax, Ont. were listed for sale. The property of 104 acres is billed as 'future development land.'

K9 Doug Ford has just announced the Ontario government is backtracking on some (not all) of its Greenbelt steal. This after citizens across Ontario screamed bloody murder and called for his resignation as the dirty terd he is. The RCMP said that the Ontario Provincial Police requested that they investigate 'irregularities'. Ford says he's confident that nothing criminal took place, ahuck.

Ryan Amato removed 14 of the 15 sites from the Greenbelt.
As he resigned in total disgrace, Ryan Amato pushed back against the fact he masterminded the land steals. Amato — the former chief of staff to housing minister Steve Clark — said his role in the Greenbelt decision has been 'unfairly depicted' and suggested he would be vindicated some day. Amato was the man responsible for choosing which sites would be released for development. He gave 'special consideration' to 3 well-connected developers. A scathing Auditor General report blasted him and his boss Doug Ford. In July 2022 Ford installed Ryan Amato as the chief of staff (steal). Housing Minister Steven Clark has not resigned.

Beneficiaries of the Greenbelt steal are the Rice Group, TACC Developments and Fieldgate Homes. All 3 had unfettered access to Ryan Amato.
TACC Developments is headed by Silvio De Gasperis. Micheal Rice is CEO of the Rice Group.

Ezra Jakubovic heads Fieldgate Homes.
Of the 7,400 acres of land removed from the Greenbelt, 92% were tied to three developers with direct access to the housing ministry.
A top staffer in Premier Doug Ford’s office crafted Greenbelt changes. There are calls for the idiot Ford to resign in disgrace. His governance is corrupt. Ryan Amato is Housing Minister Steve Clark’s Chief of Staff. Clark said today he has Ford’s full support and neither he, nor his chief of staff Amato, will be leaving their positions. The 3 developers have strong ties to the government and they acculmulated land in the Greenbelt for years. In September 2022 Green Lane Bathurst GP Inc., a company connected to developer Rice Group, bought Greenbelt land for about $80m. That was an astute purchase as less than a year later it is worth at least 20 times as much.
Premier Doug Ford gave a bizarre news conference 'explaining' his Greenbelt fraud. He blamed Jiffy Lube. “The previous government changed the Greenbelt 17 times … because they were building mega mansions for their buddies. They were building a golf course … and they were building a Jiffy Lube,” Ford said.
Ford said his government will not be stop the land removal from the Greenbelt. Politicos in Ontario are filthy dirty and stealing from citizens.
Auditor General Report --->

Rudy Giuliani - 'Filthy Few' - Update VIII

Rudy Giuliani is legally liable for defaming two Georgia election workers who became the target of conspiracy nuts related to the 2020 election. Attacks were amplified by Trump in the final weeks of his presidency. Giuliani violated court orders to preserve and produce relevant evidence to the election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, resulting in a default judgment against him. He was ordered to pay punitive damages for failing to prove his wicked lies.
A jury will determine damages.

Cops confiscated Guiliani’s electronic devices.
Feds raided the Upper East Side apartment of Rudy Giuliani as part of a criminal probe into his dealings in Ukraine.
Giuliani is suspected of illegally lobbying the Trump administration on behalf of Ukranian officials and Russian spies in 2019.
Kremlin-backed news network RT kicked off its Election Day coverage with an interview with Rudy Giuliani. Rudy spread misinformation about the vote and repeated his discredited attacks on Hunter Biden, a story that Russian state media has perpetuated in the face of disinterest from legitimate news outlets. RT News is a "registered foreign agent.” More than 3,100 lawyers, including a former Attorney General, 14 ex-federal judges and three dozen former prosecutors at the office Rudy Giuliani once led, have joined a call for his law license to be revoked. More than 4,000 non-lawyers also signed the petition. Giuliani is being spanked for his continuous election lies and incendiary rhetoric in support of Trump. "Let's have trial by combat," he spewed.
Giuliani and Derkach. POTUS lawyer Rudy Giuliani has hit the news about warnings made to the White House by the CIA and others about his contacts with Russian agents. Andrii Derkach has been identified by the Treasury Department as a Russian agent. That connection led spies to learn about Giuliani's dealings with other Russian operatives. The FBI has been investigating Giuliani as a counterintelligence risk.
In 1986 Giuliani and Senator Al D’Amato posed 'undercover' to show how easy it was to buy crack. Giuliani dressed in a Hells Angels cut, complete with club patches, including one that read “Filthy Few.” To wear the HA 'Death Head' in public when not a HA member is ill advised and the 'Filthy Few' patch is reserved for those HA who have killed for the club.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Venezuelan drug trafficker who stole cocaine goes to the bottom

Reinaldo Fuentes, 68, is seen bound with blood on the back of his head before his killers struggle to heave him - and an anchor - over the side of a boat into the Caribbean Sea near Martinique. The footage was shared to social media. It shows Fuentes as he is dumped overboard and left to drown. Fuentes, a middleman for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel, had earlier stolen a shipment worth $10 million. The scheme went awry when his henchmen snitched, leading to his watery demise on July 17 - the day he was invited to a cartel meeting.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Emile-Haim Benamor - 7 killed in Old Montreal fire - update IV

The fire in March that killed seven is now being investigated as a case of arson, Montreal cops revealed.
The Old Montreal building where seven people died in a fire in March was found to have multiple fire code violations between 2009 and 2018, including blocked and “dead-end” secondary exits on the second and third floors and a non-compliant fire alarm system. Inspectors repeatedly contacted building owner Emile H. Benamor and carried out repeat visits to the 14-unit building at the corner of Place d’Youville and du Port St. in an attempt to have fire code violations corrected. Quebec press reported on the dozens of Airbnb rentals being operated by Emile-Haim Benamor illegally. Cleaners reported that rats, mice, bed bugs and electrical problems plagued the ancient buildings.
Emile-Haim Benamor should be charged with criminal negligence.
Randy Sears lost his son Nathan, 35, in the fire on March 16 in Place d'Youville. Nathan Sears was passing through Montreal and had rented accommodation in the building through Tarik Hassan and Airbnb.
Sears is suing Tarik Hassan, Airbnb, and owner Emile-Haim Benamor for $22m in a proposed class action.

Firefighters at 135 Rue du Port.
The Montreal Gazette is reporting that multiple complaints, dating back over a year, were suppressed by Airbnb. One woman complained about windows nailed shut, no ventilation and blocked emergency exits. “My heart sunk so completely,” she said. “I felt guilty and so upset picturing them. I was in that bloody room. I can picture what it would be like to be stuck.”
New Airbnb guests arriving at the Viger street building owned by Emile-Haim Benamor March 23rd.

Nine were injured in the blaze.
Quebec politicians criticized Airbnb after a building in old Montreal was used for multiple illegal rentals. There were 15 units in the building. In 2018, Airbnb-style short-term rentals were made illegal in the area where the building is located. Airbnb was asked by authorities to forbid rentals for people who didn't possess a certificate with Quebec's Revenue Department, which oversees the short-term rental industry. Airbnb ignored the request. A lawyer for the building's owner, Emile-Haim Benamor, 60, said that Airbnb rentals in the building had nothing to do with his client
Benamor is a lawyer who pleaded guilty to tax evasion two years ago. He failed to report income of $469,591 from a "fraudulent scheme."

'3x your income with a short term rental business w/ Tariq Hasan | Facebook'
Benamor's law firm is 'Benamor Avocats'. Benamor owned at least 21 Montreal buildings as of 2021 either in his own name, or through EP7 Consultants Inc. His goal was to turn them all into Airbnb rentals, legal or not. He evicted long term residents to accomplish this. His front man was immigrant Tariq Hasan. He was running 7 Airbnb ads at 135 Rue du Port. Hasan’s many listings on Airbnb and other short-term rental sites have been removed. He is attempting to remove his internet presence.

Meth-dealing Mongrel Mob boss pulls 10 years

President Sonny Fatu.
Number 2 of Waikato’s self-proclaimed 'anti-drug' gang begins a sentence for slinging meth. Mark Anthony Griffiths, 53, appeared in the High Court in Hamilton where he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The gang had been outspoken in its attempts to change it's image as drug dealing scum. They employed a PR firm, established an all-women chapter, and delivered food during the Covid-19 lockdown. Gangsters even stood guard at a mosque for cameras. Griffiths was arrested in November 2020. He must serve 5 years before any parole.
Mark Anthony Griffiths

Richard Ernest Alexander guilty of first-degree murder - update II

The B.C. government is seeking the forfeiture of the Campbell River clubhouse where Richard Alexander killed Dillon Brown. Alexander, 68, is appealing his first-degree murder conviction. Its appearing his 'Devil's Army' MC is now defunct.
Richard Ernest Alexander was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Dillon Brown. His conviction carries a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Alexander left the Devil’s Army to become a Hells Angel but was rejected from the program after a DNA test revealed he was more black than white.
Alexander killed Dillon Brown to end a lawsuit that would have made the HAMC look bad. The Haney HAMC bikers were beaten stupid by a man they jumped.

A member of the Devil’s Army told a close friend that he had made an agreement to co-operate with cops and wasn’t coming home. The intercepted conversation took place July 30, 2017, between former Devil’s Army member Mick Hargreaves and his friend, identified as X. It was the last time the two men talked, Hargreaves testified. Hargreaves asked X when he was coming home.
“I’m not going to be …,” he replied.
“Are you serious?” asked Hargreaves. “Holy [expletive] … I don’t know what happened.”
“Rick killed somebody and I cleaned it up,” said X.
A former member of the Devil’s Army MC says he heard a yell and the words “Don’t fucking touch him” when he reached toward someone lying behind a couch on the floor of the clubhouse seven years ago. "I could smell gunpowder and I could see Rick standing at the door of the bathroom with a towel in his hand.”

Identified as X, the man testified at Alexander’s trial for the murder of Dillon Brown. He says he helped Alexander load the body into Brown's car.
The jury received admissions of fact from the Crown and Alexander. A surveillance camera in Campbell River captured Alexander driving Brown’s Honda at 2:12 p.m. on March 11, 2016. “Brown’s body was in the trunk,”

At 3:11 p.m. on March 11, Alexander abandoned Brown’s Honda near the Cable Bridge in Sayward. At 3:16 p.m. cameras at the Sayward Valley resort captured Alexander walking away from the Cable Bridge toward Sayward Junction. Alexander was also captured by North Island Safety Traffic police dashboard cameras in the area on March 11.
According to admissions, Brown’s car keys were found in Sayward River. Brown’s DNA was found in seven locations in the Devil’s Army Clubhouse.

Richard Ernest Alexander
Richard Ernest Alexander, 67, former president of the Devils Army MC, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. He is accused of shooting John Dillon Brown, 30, in the back of the head on March 11, 2016 in the Devils Army’s Campbell River clubhouse. Brown was found dead inside his car, about 75 km from Campbell River. Events leading to Brown’s death were set in motion in Nov 2015, when a visiting group of HA and Alexander got their asses kicked in a fight with Brown at the Vodoo Lounge nightclub in Campbell River. Brown was a competitive MMA fighter. Alexander was charged in October 2019. He was released on $600k bail. John Dillon Brown

The Devil’s Army had a second clubhouse in Langford.
The Devil’s Army is an OMG, active since 2009. It's a puppet club of the Haney HA. It had five full-patch and two prospects.