Sunday, August 13, 2023

DeGasperis brothers = Greenbelt bandits - update

"No one had preferential treatment," Doug Ford lied during a press dog and pony show. The Auditor General says exactly the opposite and that is a much better source than a clearly lying piece of sweating dog shit. The DeGasperis brothers, principals of Tacc, have been generous donors to Ford and the Tories and those bribes were rewarded.
The day after the dinner with barking K9 Ryan Amato September 15, Green Lane Bathurst LP (Rice Group) finalized purchasing land it wanted out of the greenbelt for $80m.
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The biggest and most valuable land which Ford gifted to his developer friends includes around 1,900 hectares of mostly farmland in and around the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve (DRAP) in north Pickering. In 2022 the CBC identified 28 properties in the sensitive DRAP, covering a total of 718 hectares, that are owned by seven different holding companies controlled by the DeGasperis brothers. Brothers Silvio, Carlo and Michael DeGasperis have had big plans for the DRAP for many years. Four properties bought after the Greenbelt's creation include two purchased together for $1.7m in 2016 and two others bought separately in 2020 for $7.9m and $3.5m. The DeGasperis founded the Tacc Group of companies, which includes Tacc Developments, Tacc Construction, Arista Homes, Opus Homes and Decast Ltd., among others. The brothers and their companies are prolific political contributors to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and Doug Ford. Tacc companies had direct access to barking dog Ryan Amato and instructed him which properties to remove from the Greenbelt. He eagerly complied after being given 'packages' at a dinner meeting.

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Michael DeGasperis

Carlo DeGasperis.

Silvio DeGasperis