Friday, September 15, 2023

Ethan MacCullouch recorded his own murder

Ethan MacCullouch, 35, had a habit of recording his life inside a rooming house at 94 MacNab St. N. in Hamilton and posting videos. They documented the often violent environment he lived in. The video shows the moment Malcolm Washington forces his way in and stabs him three times.
Washington stabbed Ethan MacCullouch twice in the left chest and once in the left upper abdomen, penetrating his lung and heart. Washington quickly leaves after the attack, and Ethan swears repeatedly as he stumbles toward his computer, clutching his chest. Two days after the killing, the building landlord entered the room with a fire alarm inspector. They found his body in a pool of blood on the apartment floor in front of a desk with his laptop computer still on. All involved were hard drug users, particularly meth.

Washington, who says he blacked out, will be sentenced September 29. The Crown is seeking 10 years plus the two years and seven months he has spent in pre-sentence custody.