Sunday, September 10, 2023

'Pretty Boy' Floyd

Charles Arthur 'Pretty Boy' Floyd was an American bank robber. When paroled after his first bank robbery Floyd vowed that he would never see the inside of another prison. He committed a series of bank robberies over the next several years; it was during this period that he acquired the nickname "Pretty Boy." According to one account, when the payroll master targeted in a robbery described the three perpetrators to the police, he referred to Floyd as "a mere boy — a pretty boy with apple cheeks." In 1929, Floyd was wanted in numerous serious cases. Floyd was a suspect in the deaths of Kansas City brothers Wally and Boll Ash who were rum-runners, found dead in a burning car on March 25, 1931.
Members of his gang killed Patrolman Castner of Bowling Green, Ohio on April 23. On July 22, Floyd killed federal agent Curtis Burke. Floyd and Adam Richetti became the prime suspects in a June 17, 1933 gunfight known as the 'Kansas City massacre' that resulted in the deaths of 4 cops.
On July 23, 1934, following the death of John Dillinger, "Pretty Boy" Floyd was named Public Enemy Number 1.

He hated his nickname so much that after being gunned down he made one final declaration, “I’m Charles Arthur Floyd.”
On October 22, 1934, Floyd was killed in an apple orchard near East Liverpool, Ohio, while being pursued by local law officers and FBI agents led by Melvin Purvis.