Friday, October 20, 2023

4 California Hells Angels cremated - Merl Frederick Hefferman = 4 years

HA Merl Hefferman, 54, was sentenced to 4 years. The fourth missing biker is Juan Guevara, another Hells Angel. Hefferman used a California funeral home dubbed the “pizza oven” to get rid of bodies. Hefferman pleaded guilty to obstructing justice by disposing of Joel Silva’s body but hasn't been charged with the three other cremations.
Robbie Lane Huff II and Juan Guevara.
Hefferman had murder victim Joel Silva cremated June 16, 2014. Months after Silva’s murder, Hefferman did another cremation, this one Robbie Huff, an ex-Hells Angel who vanished Feb. 11, 2015. The third biker to be incinerated was Art Carasis, last seen at the Fresno clubhouse on July 7, 2016. A fourth cremated body is HA Juan Guevara. After Carasis was cremated, Hefferman went on KMPH to promote the 18th Fresno Hells Angels Toy Run.
Hefferman described the community support as 'awesome.' He's looking at 7 years in jail.
4 missing California Hells Angels were clandestinely cremated in a Fresno funeral home. So say federal prosecutors as 11 Hells Angels are answering for a range of crimes related to murder, assault, maiming, racketeering conspiracy, witness intimidation, drug distribution, robbery, extortion, illegal firearms possession and obstruction of justice. 9 of the 11 are with the Sonoma chapter, two with the Fresno and the Salem/Boston Hells Angels chapters.
As part of the investigation into HA Joel Silva’s death, feds learned that Fresno HA Merl Frederick Hefferman, 54, was involved in arranging secret cremations. Levi Phipps, a manager at the Yost and Webb funeral home in Fresno, testified that before Silva’s death Hefferman asked for keys to the funeral home and spoke of his “fascination with the crematory” and a desire to make “something disappear.” 
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