Monday, October 30, 2023

Trump a screaming fraud artist and whackjob - update IV

A week-long trial begins in Colorado today to determine whether Trump can run for president under the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment prohibits people from holding public office who have taken an oath of office and then “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the [U.S.]" The case, if successful, could be the first of many. Insurrection is defined as a violent uprising against an authority or government.
Latest from Trump is a reaction to the ruling that his daughter will testify.
"This grossly incompetent “Judge,” who is overturned on Appeal more than almost any Judge in New York State, is a partisan political hack who totally disregards the Court of Appeals decisions against him, and won’t allow a Jury to get anywhere near my “CASE” (brought by a Failed, Trump Hating, Racist Attorney General named Letitia James, whose entire campaign for office was “I WILL GET TRUMP.” She then used this charade to run for Governor, and lost, BADLY!). The New York State legal system has broken down completely, and everybody who is watching this Witch Hunt so agrees. Hopefully, that will soon change. This CRAZED Judge ruled against me before the Trial even started, and said Mar-a-Lago is worth only $18,000,000. Other properties, likewise. This is a Biden Election Interference Scam! There were No Crimes & No Victims, and there is NO JURY ALLOWED. This Radical Trump Hater Must Be Taken Off This Case!"
What we are witnessing is the blooming of Trump's senility, which has progressed from its early stages when he was President. This man's mind is gone.

The lawsuit argues Trump violated his oath as president in the Capitol attack.
Trump is the best circus act going. A Colorado judge denied an attempt by Trump to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to remove him from the state’s 2024 ballot due to his role in the Capitol attack. The ruling comes days before a trial on Trump’s eligibility for the ballot begins. The lawsuit says Trump should be disqualified from running in elections under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which states no person shall hold any office if they “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” after having taken an oath to support the Constitution.
This was a one-two punch as the court also denied Trump’s request to move the Colorado ballot case to federal court two days ago. Many Trump documents are being aired for the first time. Trump gave Deutsche Bank financials that showed profits at one property were triple the correct amount. If the true number had been reported, Trump's loan would have been in default. A Deutsche Bank report said the net operating income at the Trump hotel in Washington was $7.6m in 2017. That contradicts documents that show income was nearly zero in 2017. The hotel’s revenues were half what Trump told the bank and they dropped more than 60% when he was President.
"I BUILT A GREAT COMPANY, FAR BIGGER & STRONGER THAN ANYONE HAD ASSUMED! This is a RIGGED TRIAL, right out of a Banana Republic, but sadly, it gives the Republicans the right to do the same thing when we assume office."
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